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by Coffee Talk

Hi, we are a brand new pop punk band from Germany. Our first song 'Reflections' was released on 5th June 2020. We make modern pop punk with '00s-emo and pop-rock influences and a polished sound. We'd be so grateful if you give our song a listen. Thank you so much!

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Little Liaison

by Ivypaint

We're Ivypaint and this is our debut music video for our song 'Little Liaison'. The song was written as a therapy of sorts after some failed relationships and questionings of mental stability, so the lyrics are as raw, authentic, and honest as humanly-possible. We hope you enjoy!

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Zach Frost

Hey hey! I'm Zach Frost and I am an indie-punk solo artist from Columbus, Ohio. I spent most of my life playing drums in various punk sub-genre bands and recently made the foray into writing and releasing my own music. This song is called "Rock Bottom" and is about the worst year of my life.

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We've been a band since 2013, forming after meeting in our first year of high school and realising our music tastes are identical. Six years later, we have played numerous venues in the South West and South Wales, and have finally -self-released our first single independently.

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Like Roses

Hey Guys, We are Like Roses a female fronted alt emo, emo pop band from the east bay of California. We finished recording an ep that was released a little over a month ago and would love for you guys to take a listen and help us share this album with more people.

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Rad Horror

On Anti Teenage Sensation Part 1, Scott’s incredible command of the loud-soft dynamic as a songwriter and the power it can wield calls to mind the golden age of 90’s indie rock while also referencing more recent standouts like Brand New or Moose Blood.

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Bare Dreams

Hey! We're 'Bare Dreams', an Alternative \\ Pop-Punk act Hailing from TLV, Israel.This is our first single 'Why Can't I?' Off Our upcoming E.P 'Au Revoir'! Hope you guys will dig it!

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Dude Trips

Hi there! We are Dude Trips, an Emo quartet from the north east of Scotland! We take influence from past times and heartbreak and tell stories in the songs we write. Our songs might make you sad but hopefully you can take some positivity from it. We just released our new music video.

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Hey, we're a band called 2far2jump and we are from Guildford, UK. We've been together for three years. Our music is best described as melodic Pop Punk – catchy guitar riffs and thoughtful lyrics.

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