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The Boy In The Picture

by This Familiar Smile

this is a track from our new album "Late Night Conversations With God" Its called "the boy in the picture" and its about looking back on the arrogance of our twenties where we knew everything, and how wrong we were. And the real pressure of life starts later.

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Sedatives and Alcohol

by The Travis Waltons

Hello, we're The Travis Waltons from Bristol, UK, and we sure hope you like to kick it. We're putting out our third DIY album 'Death Throes' on 29th May and this is our new lockdown montage video, featuring the legendary Dave Benson Phillips, Joanna Angel and a bunch of our friends and peers. Pre-order the album here:

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A Carnage in the Lovetrees

We are A Carnage in the Lovetrees. We formed in Chicago and now live in Seattle. This is the title track from our third record, Fires, released in April 2019 on Department of Sound & Magic.

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Zach Frost

Hey hey! I'm Zach Frost and I am an indie-punk solo artist from Columbus, Ohio. I spent most of my life playing drums in various punk sub-genre bands and recently made the foray into writing and releasing my own music. This song is called "Rock Bottom" and is about the worst year of my life.

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Russell and the Wolf Choir

Hello. My name is Russ and my friends are the Wolf Choir. We have no fans.

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