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Saying Goodbye

by Hazey

This is our second single ‘Saying Goodbye’ from our debut EP. The song reflects on a tough year. The lesson learned is to let go of what we can’t control and enjoy the present instead of worrying about tomorrow. Enjoy!

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by The SS-SR

THE SS-SR have been jamming emo-alternative tunes from Nashville to the Midwest since Halloween night of 2018. The duo’s love for their cats is almost parallel to their love for skateboarding which they never quite mastered. Check out their newest release created over the course of their quarantine!

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Love Song in 2020

by James Barrett

Hi! I'm James! When the planet shutdown in March I wrote a song about finding forgiveness at what felt like the end of the world. Dealing with a relationship that ended catastrophically and a global pandemic at the same time was a lot to process. I wrote Love Song in 2020 for everyone in that boat.

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by Feathers, Wood 'N' String

We all have secrets that we feel others will judge us on. Marionette is a song about breaking free from societal norms. We hope this song will give us all something to reconnect over in these isolating times. So cut your ‘puppet strings’ and rock out with us.

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Broken Windows

by Creature Creature

Originally written as an ode to the struggles of the working man, almost eerie comparisons can also be made between our current single and the state of the world in 2020. Regardless of its somber heart, Broken Windows is an out and out rock banger, complete with epic solo and driving choruses.

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You Get a Lot Done Without a TV

by Topiary Creatures

Hi, we're Topiary Creatures! We're a Bay Area band who plays thrashy, sparkly, intricate indie-rock. This song was written about not watching TV or dating people, and how surprisingly similar those two things feel. Keep an eye out for our debut LP this summer.

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Strawberry Lemonade

by The Hospital Flowers

The new single of The Hospital Flowers packs a punch and will make you jump around. Summery flavor with a pinch of Rock n' Roll tequila.

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by Lexytron

Hey guys! This is track no. 5 from my album 'Something Blue' now streaming on Bandcamp! All sales will go to the COVID-19 crisis. The song itself was originally titled 'Node To BJ' as a play on 'Ode To Billie Joe' by Bobby Gentry and a nod to Billie Joe Armstrong, as I felt it had Kerplunk vibes!

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Tail Lights to the Horizon

by The Fur Coats

Hello! Fur Coats here from Austin, Texas! "Tail Lights to the Horizon" is a track off our new full-length, "Dystopia Sherbit." The song is about that feeling of being stuck, of not going anywhere, and also the idea of being a refugee, even in your own country. Hope you like it!

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Valentines Day

by The Sunset Radio

We are a fast-paced indie rock band from Yorkshire with yearning melodies and anthemic choruses all wrapped in punk sensibilities. Latest single Valentine’s Day is kicking us on into 2020 to not only perform our music in new cities and venues, but also to put on our own events

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by Colour of the Jungle

Hey! We are Colour of the Jungle - a five-piece garage rock band from Portsmouth, UK. This is our new single 'Humblebee' - we'd love for you to listen, give us a follow and let us know what you think! Cheers!

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by Twin Dive

Twin Dive's "Holly" is a blend of classic 90s alt guitar rock, fuelled with their dark, pan-Scandinavian heritage, served with small doses of bravado and a confident stage presence. They're hard to forget - and the lovely elder ladies starring in the video are so worth 4 minutes of your time! :)

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Maybe, Tomorrow

by The Fame

We are The Fame! A young up & coming indie rock band from Canada. Our music takes influence from some of the best bands of the 90s/00s Rock era with a modern day twist on everyday life in 2019!

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by Sea Girls

We may have songs with darkness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the light. ‘Violet’ is wildly optimistic and for the video we find ourselves in an abandoned building and this time we aren’t feeling sorry for ourselves.

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Getting Late

by Science is Fiction

Hi, we play a mix of laid back 70s power pop paired with frenetic 90s indie rock. Been described as "Elvis Costello on steroids" and "a bit Parquet Courts...a bit parent rock". Our debut EP was recorded at the NMC and mixed by local Calgary legend Lorrie Matheson.

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The Joke of Life

by Tacocat

Seattle band Tacocat are set to release 'This Mess Is a Place', their new full-length album on Friday, May 3rd. The sparkly new album is their first for Sub Pop, and heralds a more pop-driven and ebullient direction in their sound.

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Sun Spot

Hi! We're Sun Spot - a noisy pop duo from Bristol with an affinity for 'verb'd out guitars and tasty Ableton beats. We love all things indie rock and new wave - basically if you can dance to it, we're interested.

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Hi folks, we're PET HATES, a powerpop/emopop/all over the shop indie rock band from London, UK. We play fun and crunchy hooked filled tunes that take influence from everything from the get up kids to the Replacements, Martha to Prince, early REM to Superchunk. You'll want to move, hopefully.

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The Hospital Flowers

Hello! We are The Hospital Flowers. We make loud, energetic & raw music, influenced by many amazing artist of the past, trying to create our own sound. We just got our second single out and we hope that you can rock it as loud as possible.

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Hoax Paradise

Hi, we're Hoax Paradise, an indie rock band hailing from Paris, France! We recently released our new EP, “Well, Nobody’s Perfect”. You'll find below one of the tracks, named “Ground Control”. Hope you'll like it!

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