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We are CHUD! A 3 piece Nu-metal band who've traveled in time from the idyllic 1990s to heal the wounds of our divided society in the only way we know how. Through mediocre Nu-Metal! Our track 'Invalid' is the first single off our debut excretion 'The Invalid E.P.' HAIL CHUD!

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Hey Punktastic team! We're an alternative/metal band from South Africa, and super excited to send you our new single, releasing Friday 14 May through our German label, HopePunk Records. It's the 2nd single from our forthcoming EP, releasing end of June, and features a really cool vocal collab!

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by The Cartographer

We are metal band called The Cartographer from Derby and we have recently released a track called 'Overcome' of our upcoming EP 'Mind Atlas'. This is the first track we have released in a few years as we have been off the radar writing / recording (plus covid restricting us from doing stuff!)

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The Inciter

by Ariandelle

Hi everyone, We're Ariandelle and this is our brand new song! This track is heavy, full of aggression and is all about finally making a point to change the things in your life instead of waiting for the moment to come! We hope you all enjoy it!

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by No Terror in the bang

No Terror in The Bang is a Cinematic Metal band from Rouen. It weaves a chiaroscuro universe, between fragility and fury.

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No Lower Place To Fall

by NIL

Hi, We are NIL from Leeds. We play heavy music to awkwardly bop your head too. Previous members of Humanfly, Dao, Richard Parker and current member of Cognizance. No Lower Place to Fall- Released 8th January 2021. Thanks.

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by Esprit D'Air

This is a song I produced during lockdown whilst playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake. We worked with the director of Bury Tomorrow's "Cannibal" to create the incredible sci-fi video, inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Ghost in the Shell.

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Far From My Home

by Wasted History

Hey guys this is Ben from Wasted History. This is our new track called 'Far From My Home'. Its got a killswitchy vibe so please be responsible and enjoy loudly.

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El Hachazo!

by Infernaol Weveo!

Musical project born in the heart of southern Chile, in Beaches and green hills, wind and rain, finally bottled in crossover / thrash / punk that speaks of themes so rare that they only happen in the parallel universe in the mind of Reverend 0 Panzada (composer main of IW!)

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Zombie Night

by Kalahari

Powerful break-downs and galloping riffs alternated with acoustic arpeggios and sinuous melodies: the result is an overwhelming sound, which remains clean, and still!

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by Strike At Once

Hey there! This is our newest release 'Split'. We come from Finland and we are ready to play some serious crossover metal to you guys!

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Six Feet Deep

by Suffer No Fools

Howdy, we are Suffer No Fools, this track comes from our upcoming album 'We Die As We Live' (out April 17th), it's one of our darker, heavier tracks, with a subject matter to boot! If you like bleak music with a sing-along chorus with lush vocal harmonies you're in luck, enjoy!

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In Case Of Humanity

by Grace.Will.Fall

We’re stoked to present the first single from our upcoming fourth album. The song really shows the more dark and metal influenced direction this record has taken compared to earlier releases. To keep it raw we also kept the recording process out of the digital world and exclusively on analog tape.

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Mystic Speed

by Sick Again

Hey! My brother and I always had plans to start a band. The right time finally arrived, so we wrote an album in west Cornwall before going to the US to record it. We recently added our pal Charlie in on bass, and now it’s time to play! (Members of Goodtime Boys, Gnarwolves, No Omega, Goldeneye)

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by Nocturne Wulf

NOCTURNE WULF have engineered a sound that calls upon the ferocious drive of Slayer, underpinned by the mastery of Iron Maiden. NOCTURNE WULF release their self-titled new album, on Friday 19th July. The band have just dropped a new track, Necrodancer -

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Queer band from London/Brazil/Spain/Mauritius trying to restore the metal.

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SV & the Eruptions

We are Spunk Volcano & the Eruptions, this is a track from our NEW album DOUBLE BASTARD due out on June 21st, thanks for checking us out! YES!

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"Witch's Grip is a metaphor for the feeling of isolation, anxiety and confusion a person can feel at their lowest". Taken from forthcoming EP HEX due 3rd May on Grey Ghost Records

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Jordan Sheffield

Mantis is taken from Jordan Sheffield's debut The Spectre; a body of work which sees the multi-instrumentalist explore the lengths contemporary metal can reach. His melodic riffs prove that emotion can be carried through more than just lyrics and create the concept of intricate easy-listening metal.

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We feature members from SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Letters To Catalonia, Ghost Spirit, Heritage Unit and Curtains, and have attempted to create a record so dense and simultaneously so bizarringly complex that you'll need a ton of listens to catch everything. We dabble in some melodic moments...some...

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