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Crash The Gates

by LaVein

We are a metallic hardcore quintet from Dublin and have recently released our debut EP "Fine Failure". Our influences include early 2000s hardcore such as Converge, Dillinger escape plan and Every Time I Die, as well as Current bands like Knocked Loose and Malevolence.

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Onion Boiler

by Grandad

Letting out years of pain in a torrent of waves and punches. From fast blasts of chaotic winds to slow groaning discordance, Grandad are a pounding of past chaotic projects. A force to be reckoned with.

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by Dead Moths

We’re Dead Moths, a politically motivated five-piece hardcore band from Derby. Keep in touch for more recordings and dates of chaotic live shows

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by Sobriquet

"Divine tells a story of metamorphosis. It begins with the protagonist’s discovery of self, then follows a downward spiral of doubt and frustration. Emerging out of this despair the protagonist breaks out with a newfound self-love, before finally culminating in ultimate enlightenment & ego death.

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by Urzah

Hello! We're pleased to announce that URZAH are releasing their much-anticipated record titled “II”. The record is publicly released on 28/01/2022. Our new single "Greedbather" is streaming on all platforms. An accompanying music video can be found here:

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by Better Than Mending

Hey all. We are Better Than Mending, a UK based post-hardcore band and this is a track from our upcoming EP - Spineless. We recorded by Joe Clayton (Earth Moves, Pijn, Leeched, Ithica) we smoosh together melodic post-hardcore hooks with post-metal breakdowns and doom-filled post-rock soundscapes.

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Complex Wave

by Anxious Wave

We are a post-punk/noise rock band from Providence, RI. We have recently finished recording our first full length album, shared the stage with bands across many genres including ‘68, Today Is The Day, Pentagram, Torche, High Command, The Proletariat, indicative of our genre-bending sound. Check it!

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by Svdestada

This is Hogueras, a track from our latests album Azabache, a song that issues a claim and a general appeal that advocates a return to the original rebellion of Punk, Hardcore and Do It Yourself.

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No Lower Place To Fall

by NIL

Hi, We are NIL from Leeds. We play heavy music to awkwardly bop your head too. Previous members of Humanfly, Dao, Richard Parker and current member of Cognizance. No Lower Place to Fall- Released 8th January 2021. Thanks.

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Your Best Interest

by Entry

Hey we are Entry, a hardcore punk band based in LA. We've just announced our debut Detriment exploring different aspects of punk and hardcore. We believe in the power of punk and the uniting nature of music, reflecting ourselves and our community in our music.

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Modern Rome

by Quietus

Hi, we are Quietus, a post-metal band from France. Modern Rome is the first track of our recently released album "Chaos is order yet undeciphered". If you like what you hear, please check out the rest of the album ! Enjoy !

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Ballerina's Toes

by Kevlar Bikini

Kevlar Bikini strike back with their fourth album meaningfully named "OPT-OUTism". This Zagreb-based hardcore punk trio delivers another comprehensive collection of immensely powerful tunes, which have been saturated with gracious servings of magnificent elements of metal and noise rock.

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by The Linecutters

We're a Phoenix AZ band that just got done touring extensively with Black Flag all across the country before everything went on lockdown. Our new song Elucidator criticizes people who hold their own morals and worldview above other peoples freedom of speech and safety.

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Metallic Hardcore straight from the Midlands. Couple of years and releases in. For fans of being pummelled to sludge whilst being told you're absolutely worthless.

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"Witch's Grip is a metaphor for the feeling of isolation, anxiety and confusion a person can feel at their lowest". Taken from forthcoming EP HEX due 3rd May on Grey Ghost Records

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So we are the band that you wouldn't expect when you hear that we are from the sunny Costa Rica, we like to merge the aggressive elements of the 00s Cleveland hardcore sound with the brooding ambient elements from Post-Hardcore. This single will be included in a split on April 1st.

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Son of the Mourning

We are Son of the Mourning from Salford, Manchester. We play heavy progressive metalcore, we broke up around 10 years ago but got back together to record the last bunch of songs we wrote.

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Sideshow Cinema

Hey we're Sideshow Cinema. We released our first album last year titled 'Palace' on Flesh and Bone Records. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Hi! We are Sudestada a punk/post hardcore band from Madrid, Spain. Last year we released our first album and it's 28 minutes of personal, emotional and frighteningly fierce music. Hope you enjoy it!

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Hi ! We're DEAD KIWIS, we're releasing our new EP "SYSTEMATIC HOME RUN" the 28th of January 2019 on vinyls and here's the first single ! It's a somekind of mathcore/hardcore music like DEP, Norma Jean, Converge. Hope you'll like it !

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