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by Citizen Rage

After sharing the stages with bands such as DRI, Cro-Mags, Trapped Under Ice and Madball, Citizen Rage have unleashed HARSH REALITY on Toronto punk powerhouse CURSED BLESSINGS RECORDS. They hope to carry on spreading their message of positive social change.Hug your homies!

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by Saints Of Sixth Avenue

Hello we are the "Saints Of Sixth Avenue" from Kenosha WI. USA. We have a deep love for old hardcore and added a dash of thrash metal. Check out our track DOA.

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El Hachazo!

by Infernaol Weveo!

Musical project born in the heart of southern Chile, in Beaches and green hills, wind and rain, finally bottled in crossover / thrash / punk that speaks of themes so rare that they only happen in the parallel universe in the mind of Reverend 0 Panzada (composer main of IW!)

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Simply Effective


Heyyyy!! Yet ANOTHER band that thinks they're the super dope saviors of aural sensation... actually, no... we just wanna rock and have fun. Enjoy!! =)

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by Drug Bust

We are Drug Bust, a Hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA established in 2016. The new single 'Sugar' is one of five tracks featured on our second EP, 'Drug Bust', which came out 2/15/20.

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by Forsaken Profits

Aggressive and putrid these motherfuckers will destroy everything you love and you'll still beg for more. Political, deep and silly as fuck they'll confuse and enthrall you, while having you mosh until you puke. Out of Atlanta, GA they keep the torch lit for amazing southern punk. Skumfucks for life.

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The Elected Officials

The Elected Officials is an anarcho-hardcore punk band with former members of at least 15 other bands. EO delivers ripping hardcore punk rock with lyrics about corporate politics, big box stores, religious pundits, and oppression, we hope to inspire people to get up and do something.

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