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by Saints Of Sixth Avenue

Hello we are the "Saints Of Sixth Avenue" from Kenosha WI. USA. We have a deep love for old hardcore and added a dash of thrash metal. Check out our track DOA.

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Kindness Coins

by Chad Calamity & the Cars That Go Backwards

We are a 3 piece punk band from London. Our latest single Kindness Coins is coming out at the end of July and is all about misogynists, incels and MGTOW types, who call themselves nice guys. It's angry, like all our songs

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Sly is a doer

by Le tunnel de l'enfer

Hey folks ! We are a fast punk band formed in Lille (France). We were formed with the idea of paying tribute to the action movies we grew up with. Our first EP was composed and recorded in late 2021, it is a tribute to the movie Daylight.

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Eskimo Kissing

by the Washed up has beens

John Lord and Lemmy jamming, after they heard new york hardcore for the first time, that's the sound of the WUHB. Raw, in your face, no-nonsense rock-n-roll. Hope you like it, better yet; we love to hear your feedback.

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Hello this song, H(A)PPY, is the first single off of our debut EP GROOV(E). SHIIVA is an energetic, catchy punk rock band from Lancaster, California featuring current and ex members of: The Downsides, Life for a Life and Captain Smooth Talk.

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by Forsaken Profits

Aggressive and putrid these motherfuckers will destroy everything you love and you'll still beg for more. Political, deep and silly as fuck they'll confuse and enthrall you, while having you mosh until you puke. Out of Atlanta, GA they keep the torch lit for amazing southern punk. Skumfucks for life.

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Few Good Things

Hi! We are Few Good Things from Raleigh, NC! We’re a punk/Thrash trio inspired by DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, etc. If you’re in to fast, heavy, catchy tunes you should check out our self titled EP!

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Violent Practice

Hello sinners! We are Violent Practice. Coming from the opposite sides of the river, we bring it to you the only way we know, fast and loud. Our Music is fueled by raw energy and lyrics that speak of the evils of everyday life.

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Titano Boa

Hi! we are Titano Boa! a new band from Cali, Colombia! we just recorded our very first album and want it to share with you! We put Hardcore Metal and Crust and even hip hop in the blender and then mix!!!! its the voice of people tired of the violence in this city, the inequality.. hope you like it!!

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