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by Class Tourists

Hi, We’re Class Tourists, a diy hardcore/ska punk band from Yorkshire, UK. THREE FIVE is about weed. With that context, the lyrics are self-explanatory!

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Here Come the Waves

by Poor Lily

Hey! We're Poor Lily, a punk band based in New York and Connecticut. Today we released an EP, Toxic Envelope, with four new songs that are fast and loud and a little weird. We've been called "an SST-ish breath of rancid smog who bring some reality and meaning back into the hardcore aesthetic."

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Orgy Of Hate

by ChumHuffer

Hey punktastic people, we are ChumHuffer and hail from the state of New York. Check out our new track from our new release Orgy of Hate. It's a view into how hate runs our lives but we can change it if we want to. It's up to us. Actions speak louder than words. It's time for an orgy.

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Tick Tock, the Culture's Dead

by American Thought Criminal

We aim to "Make Punk Anti-Establishment Again". Like this track, a brutish and short takedown of modern TikTok culture, using classic art and infernal imagery to draw a comparison to the deadly sins.

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Behind a Badge and Gun

by Glen Burnout

Hello everyone. My name is Legion for we are many. You may call me Glen. Much like my favorite appendage, my views lean ever so slightly to the Left. But only just.

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Angels And Demons

by Class Tourists

Hi, we're Class Tourists, Lo=Fi punks from West Yorkshire. This is our debut single "Angels and Demons". It was recorded entirely DIY (the vocals were recorded in my wardrobe). We're anti-ego and anti-bigotry, and we're playing songs with socially-conscious lyrics and untamed, saturated sounds,

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21st Century Affliction

by Disgraceland

Disgraceland are 3 grizzled old punks from Devon making a noise that takes in nearly 70 years of rock and roll history and roughs it up a bit. 21st Century Affliction is about how toxic modern life, particularly social media can be.

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"We love reverb"

by She is Dead

We love reverb" is the name of the new high of She is Dead, the album has 10 tracks recorded between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, produced again by Luiz Orta and recorded at Estúdio Mylo in Curitiba/Brazil .

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Blurring The Lines

by Pornscars

Murder Garage Punk Rock from Berlin! We mix styles we like, write songs about f**ked up things we find interesting, and are as ugly on the inside as we are on the outside. New Album to be released later this year!

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by Digital Resistance

We're anarchist/left-wing academics who like to rage against the status quo, our songs are a mixture of poetry/spoken word against a backdrop of heavy riffs and eclectic sounds, subdued in parts and angry in others depending on how the story unfolds. All our songs are against oppression.

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Hey! You!

by Gumiho 구미호

Hey! You! is the first single from our last EP as band. The EP features 5 songs and was recorded last year during the pandemic while we also toured Korea extensively (yes we could tour during the pandemic). It represents the pinnacle of the band and us at our tightest.

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The Foreigner

by Round Eye

"The Foreigner" is a celebration of our signature blend of 50s R&B, Free-Jazz and Punk. It shows our loves of outre icons as the Stooges, Captain Beefheart, Dr. Feelgood, and The Fall.

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Vill inte vara här

by Planet Trash

Hey! We're a hardcoreband that just released our latest record, our first in swedish, called "Blodspår 2020". The first track called "Vill inte vara här" (I dont wanna stay around), is about ridding yourself of toxic people that by mere presence pollutes the air around you. Available on vinyl now!

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by Pornscars

We mix styles we like, write songs about messed up things we find interesting, and are as ugly on the inside as we are on the outside! Debut Album available for FREE Download.

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by La Sanyea Dengue

Automobile was written after singer Simon Lindberg had a near death experience when a car almost killed him at a pedestrian crossing. The driver was on his phone not paying attention to what was in front of him. The lyrics are to be viewed from the drivers perspective.

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I Just Wanna Fuck a Cat

by Surprise Privilege

Greetings lobotomite, we are Surprise Privilege from San Francisco. We play all sorts of guitar music but poorly. This track is a metaphor for wanting to have sex with a cat, it's from our new album White Girl Music. We also like long walks in the park. Please pay attention to us.

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Class of Inevitable Doom


In January 2021, HAERDSMAELTA releases the full-length All Alone in the Danger Zone. A bloated journey straight into the dark and rotten heart of our civilization. No record has ever been as right in time as ALL ALONE IN THE DANGER ZONE. First single is Class of Inevitable doom!

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by Killer Wails

A staple of the Toronto Punk Scene, The Killer Wails straddle the space between punk rock and classic rock. They've graced the stage with notable acts like Cancer Bats,The Isotopes,The Murderburgers and Boids. During the great Lockdown, The Killer Wails enjoy sharing memes over their band chat.

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back to normal

by Paranoid Visions

Hey... we are Paranoid Visions.... we are the longest serving punk rock band that Ireland has produced! We also have an alternative identity as Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions where we have teamed up with the Crass vocalist to record 3 albums and 3 singles!

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Cult 45

by TrumpCard

We are TrumpCard; your essential middle finger to the SCROTUS! We take bitter shots at current social and political issues; often using direct quotes from the SCROTUS. This is our brand new album release, "Cult 45". Enjoy.

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