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I Don't Need You To Save Me

by Stay For Tomorrow

We are Scottish alternative rockers STAY FOR TOMORROW and we have just released our new single, I Don’t Need You To Save Me. Please check it out and hit up our socials.

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by Tayne

The concept originated as a satire on contemporary pop music. With heavier music seeping into the mainstream our goal was to try test the limits of “Pop music” ideologies. Harsh industrial soundscapes, juxtaposed with overproduced vocals, sounds, verse chorus verse "pop" structures created our ethos

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Pull Your Weight


Hey guys, we're Mint from Grimsby. Here's our new single 'Pull Your Weight' championed by BBC Radio 1. We hope you like it!

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Party People

by Black Star Jackals

Hi, we are Black Star Jackals, an alt rock 4 piece from Glasgow looking to bring rock music back to the mainstream. This is our latest track Party People - a melodic dance rock anthem, bent on compelling you to join the party, and dance away your dreams.

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Dying for a Future

by The Late Aprils

Hi we're The Late Aprils, a 4-piece Alt-Rock band out of Hertford in the UK. This is our follow up to our debut and it's called "Dying for a Future", it’s a pulsating, breathless, rollercoaster of a rock song, just like the past year it encapsulates.

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'Starting Blocks'

by Motherland

Motherland are a five piece alt-rock band from the North East of England. Combining a range of sounds and styles — Motherland are unapologetically loud and bring a breath of fresh air to the alt-rock music scene.

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Just Another Animal

by Vegasettes

Hey guys! We are Vegasettes, a 5 piece Alt rock riffy band from South East Kent. This song is all about how we shouldn’t be judged on how we look when deep inside, we’re all just animals.

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Out Of Control


Hey there we are FOXHAUNT an ALT ROCK band from York UK! We promise after hearing our new song "Out Of Control" you will be singing the chorus over and over again. Out Of Control is a song about unleashing those moments of ups an downs that overwhelm us! Give it a listen!

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Do It Again

by Glass Waves

We are GLASS WAVES and we have just dropped a firecracker of a single entitled Do It Again. Check out this visualiser to coincide with this stunning track. We take from the likes of Don Broco and Queens of The Stone Age, through to Bring Me The Horizon.

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American Podcasts

by Brunch

American Podcasts is latest single from London noise outfit Brunch. After months of the demos gathering dust on the band's gdrive, and after narrowly escaping New York following a semi-disastrous US tour in March, days before the apex of the pandemic, the band decide to get these songs out ASAP.

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Working Machine

by Perfectparachutepicture

We are comprised of bassist Edward James and Kyle Ernest on drums and lead vocals. We bash out brash, grit rock framed by muscularly riffery and melodic energy. Check out our new single, Working Machine

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by Mouth Culture

hey! we're Mouth Culture, we're an alt/indie rock band from Leicester (UK). we've just released our new track 'sink' and we think you'll dig it. it's a hectic blend of 80's influenced alternative guitars and synths with big vocals and drums that smack you in the face, it bangs. come give us a try x

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Back in the Day

by Kepler

Wood shed post-punk garage band alt-rock. Check it.

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Nature's Curse

by Mawpit

Hi we're Mawpit, an Alt-rock/Grunge power trio from Cardiff. Our debut track, Nature's Curse, is a heavy-hitting political anthem about the bushfires that devastated Australia. Expect colossal fuzz filled riffs, powerful euphoric vocals and a catchy as hell anthemic chorus! Hope you enjoy!

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Cardboard Box

by Squidge

We're Squidge, a four-piece comprised of silly sad punks. Today we released our new track, Cardboard Box, which covers a deep self-reflection of a person's life from their deathbed. It's not all doom and gloom though as the track is 3 minutes of killer riffs, breakdowns and monstrous choruses! Enjoy!

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Hey Guys - We're PARLA, just a couple of mates from Cardiff making as much noise as possible. We've just released our second single 'Sick' and we've got loads more music in the pipeline! Its ambient, dirty and one of our favorite tunes live, maybe it can be one of yours too! Give it a spin x

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By Your Side

by Dead Reynolds

We are Dead Reynolds and we have just dropped our spanking new single and video for 'By Your Side'. The track is prised from the our sophomore EP, 'Frontier'.

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Muddy Waters

by Pale Oaks

Hi guys! This is our first single from our upcoming album that will be out later this year. Musically we draw from a lot of artists we love like Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Mew, & many more! Lyrically it deals with mental health issues, specifically depression & how it affects every relationship one has.

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by Coping

Hey guys, we're a brand new band from Leeds called Coping. We're all just having fun and writing songs that we love so hopefully you will too so please check us out.

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by Dohny Jep

We are Dohny Jep and we compress influences stemming from Don Broco and Bring Me The Horizon to The 1975. Our debut album, L.U.S.T, arrives on Friday 10th July. This is our brand new single and video for the track, Dreamer.

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