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Cloud Nine

by Vibration Boys

We're Vibration Boys from Bristol, we're heavily influenced by bands like Scowl, The Damned, Turnstile, Cro Mags and more influences from all the alternative and hardcore scenes. Our most recent release 'Cloud Nine' is a blend of all of these influences in one single.

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The debut single from YOUR FUTURE IS METAL at first glance is written as a serial killers response to "Hybristophilia". The track is also a comment on the glorification of serial killers and a tribute to those who consume the media that immortalises these frightening characters.

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by Torch The Hive

Hello! We're Torch the Hive from Chicago, Illinois. We're so excited to share our new single 'deku' with you. This song is told from the perspective of someone who has exhausted their options after a long bout of depression to the point where they view themselves as a 'deku' - a useless person.

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by jxke

My name is Jake Morell (also known as “jxke”) and I am dropping my first single as a solo artist, after playing in numerous alternative bands for the past 10 years. Fans that love early 2000’s pop punk such as Blink-182, Sum-41, Avril Lavigne, and more, have shown heavy interest in this track.

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There We Are Then

by Peruvian Necktie

Have you always wanted to hear a song written by a bunch of late 30 somethings shouting about being dragged into a meeting at work that should have just been an email? Well, that's us!

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Call Of The Void

by Call Of The Void

We are Call Of The Void. Hardcore Punk from Bristol England, our sound is a blend of performance poetry and classic punk influence with a modern twist.

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by Bugwhore

What's up guys and gals, we're Bugwhore, a hardcore punk & grunge band from Birmingham, Alabama. We made an album last week that is just way too grimy and snarly not to share with the world. 'Order' is our swan song of all the anger and ferocity we've been harboring since high school.

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Big Money

by Noiseheads

"Big Money," was the first track recorded with Steve Albini. He called it a rager after we played for him. This energetic, raw, and anthemic track shows our band going full steam ahead: There's no such thing as moderation. Overkill is just sedation.

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Empty & Blank

by Boring Girls

Boring Girls is a punk rock/hardcore punk band from Montreal, Canada formed in the spring 2020. They play short and energetic songs addressing themes such as internal conflicts, the gloom of everyday life or the mysteries of the universe Boring Girls is inspired by groups like McLusky, Melvins, Rata Negra, Limp Wrist and Pissed Jeans (whose song Boring Girls gave the group its name) while keeping a DIY spirit.

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Hi, we're a 4-piece hardcore/rock band from Stoke on Trent. Formed in 2018 and recorded our debut EP back in January which is being released 21st December, 2020. We're influenced by a range of different bands such as Turnstile, Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, Cold World, etc...

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by Tear Them Down

We are Tear Them Down fron Gothenburg Sweden. This is our brand new song Sacrifice from out sophomore album coming out later this winter. Sacrifice is a one minute punk anthem about DIY, giving all you got and never looking back. Something everybody in the punk community can relate to.

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Hello this song, H(A)PPY, is the first single off of our debut EP GROOV(E). SHIIVA is an energetic, catchy punk rock band from Lancaster, California featuring current and ex members of: The Downsides, Life for a Life and Captain Smooth Talk.

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by to live among wolves

The overarching theme of the EP is breaking free and fighting for your freedom, whether that is personal freedom or societal.

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Money $hot

by Dirt Merchant

Hey people! Check out this track and see what you think. We're a mix of old-school hardcore with groove influence. This song exemplifies what we do well as a band, great two-step riffs and energy.

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by Drug Bust

We are Drug Bust, a Hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA established in 2016. The new single 'Sugar' is one of five tracks featured on our second EP, 'Drug Bust', which came out 2/15/20.

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Low Season

by Higher Power

Hailing from Leeds, hardcore group Higher Power have shared their brand new track ‘Low Season’, together with its official music video. The song features on their third album and Roadrunner Records debut ‘27 Miles Underwater’, which will be released on January 24th

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Slow Jams

We’re SLOW JAMS, a hc/punk band with members from all over Europe who met in Berlin. This is our first EP and it's as much explosive as DIY.

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