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Hey! You!

by Gumiho 구미호

Hey! You! is the first single from our last EP as band. The EP features 5 songs and was recorded last year during the pandemic while we also toured Korea extensively (yes we could tour during the pandemic). It represents the pinnacle of the band and us at our tightest.

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by Dissuffer

Dissuffer is a D-Beat / hardcore punk band which was formed in late 2019. With loud, thick distortions, driven and broken vowels, taking influences from hardcore punk bands like Napalm Raid, Discharge and His Hero Is Gone.

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Lazarus Moment

by Herzschlager

This is what happens when your're bored, have loved hardcore, punk and d-beat forever and decide to put a few songs together that celebrates that. Enjoy Herzschlager!

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by Choices Made

We're a Toronto-based hardcore/punk band who have had a busy year through 2020 releasing a handful of singles including "Sideroads" January, 2021.

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Empty & Blank

by Boring Girls

Boring Girls is a punk rock/hardcore punk band from Montreal, Canada formed in the spring 2020. They play short and energetic songs addressing themes such as internal conflicts, the gloom of everyday life or the mysteries of the universe Boring Girls is inspired by groups like McLusky, Melvins, Rata Negra, Limp Wrist and Pissed Jeans (whose song Boring Girls gave the group its name) while keeping a DIY spirit.

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by Svdestada

This is Hogueras, a track from our latests album Azabache, a song that issues a claim and a general appeal that advocates a return to the original rebellion of Punk, Hardcore and Do It Yourself.

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Public Execution

by Worn

We're a hardcore punk band from Wilkes Barre. If you like moshing, you'll like this. If you like d-beat you'll like this. Preorder the LP now as it is almost sold out.

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by Cornered

Burn is about knowing exactly what’s going wrong in this world and not being able to or having the guts to speak out about it. A planet full of smart people who are lead by fear of a minority in control. The result is an isolated society. We are doomed.

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"The Con" full length

by Warrior Tribes

We're a hardcore punk band from Chicago. 15 songs, 24 minutes of boundary poking HC. This is our posthumous debut full length. All $$$ from sales are being donated to two Chicago based charities: My Block, My Hood, My City and Assata's Daughters,

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Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind


“It’s about being conditioned to feel and act a certain way and your true self fighting back against those feelings. The song was written this time last year when I was in the worst depressive state I’ve suffered for a while, and contains a lot of deeply hidden meanings and metaphors."

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I Am The War

by Pro Patria Mori

Original UK 80's crossover band Pro Patria Mori release their first song after a 33 year absence. With former Malefice member Chris Allen on drums, original guitarist Pete East and bassist Paul Tillotson, the band release the instrumental 'I am the War' part of a 6 way split on Chaos Control

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Custom of the Sea

by Seven Crowns

Hi all, Seven Crowns here. we've just unleashed our 'Blood Moon Acid' EP offering up a taster of how on our forthcoming album number 4 where we'll continue to sour hardcore punk further to our own personal taste for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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Fuck Cyclists

by The Owen Guns

We are a 4 piece punk band from NSW Australia made up of grumpy, jaded, old silly sausages. The song 'Fuck Cyclists' is about the frustration of being stuck behind middle class lycra clad twits cosplaying the tour de France .

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Dolphin Suicide

by Laserchrist

South east London dirty melodic psych punks Laserchrist are back with new single 'Dolphin Suicide'. It's the band's first new material since their 2018 Plasterer Records EP 'DIY-bother?' And it's heavier (and angrier) than normal.

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Your Best Interest

by Entry

Hey we are Entry, a hardcore punk band based in LA. We've just announced our debut Detriment exploring different aspects of punk and hardcore. We believe in the power of punk and the uniting nature of music, reflecting ourselves and our community in our music.

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Hex Fiend (Featuring Sean Smith)

by Fangs Out

Hey Everyone Introducing Hex Fiend the bangover inducing final track from our debut EP "Curse Words" Featuring Sean Smith Formerly of the Blackout and now of Raiders/sappenin podcast fame.

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Ballerina's Toes

by Kevlar Bikini

Kevlar Bikini strike back with their fourth album meaningfully named "OPT-OUTism". This Zagreb-based hardcore punk trio delivers another comprehensive collection of immensely powerful tunes, which have been saturated with gracious servings of magnificent elements of metal and noise rock.

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They Threw the Bodies in the Ocean

by Fizzy Milk

We became a band in early 2020. All the music was recorded and produced by the band (including the sword that’s hidden in this track!). Shortly after we finished this, our first song, we recorded and edited our own video in a 24 hour period, for the grand cost of 52 pounds.

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Screams of lies


Hi guys we are FANKAZ from Italy, we play Hardcore punk since 2003 and this is 'Screams Of Lies' taken from our latest album 'Seities'. Fast tech hardcore punk with a lot of screaming vocals! Enjoy and keep following on our social pages. Cheers!

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