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This Person Is A Space

by Filler

On the song “This Person is A Space”, Filler talks about how gestures of silence and listening can be considered as a form of articulation. Those gestures can actually become important bridges in the process of power distribution and communication that occur in daily life.

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Call The Hogs

by Hozomeen

Hey there. This tracks is from ‘The Void’, the debut album by Hozomeen and will be released on vinyl and digital download via SuperFi Records on May 5th 2023. Hozomeen is a project where the music is written, performed and produced by me, Graham Thompson. I hope you dig it! Thanks for listening.

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Rochester, NYs CHRMR consists of former and current members of Sulaco, Contrarian. However we take a different approach. Rather than the death metal/grind/hardcore leaning of those bands, CHRMR combine sludgy post-metal and noise rock in a way that's equal parts angst-driven and beautifully emotive.

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Ballerina's Toes

by Kevlar Bikini

Kevlar Bikini strike back with their fourth album meaningfully named "OPT-OUTism". This Zagreb-based hardcore punk trio delivers another comprehensive collection of immensely powerful tunes, which have been saturated with gracious servings of magnificent elements of metal and noise rock.

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