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The false sense of self is truly alive. The harrowing voice, urging on a resentment of accomplishment; feeding off the fear of failure. It is often believed that we are the fabricators of our own cynicism of failure, yet all it takes is one step back to consider... is that voice truly ours?

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In Recognition

by Titans

Hey everyone, we're Titans, a heavy melodic band, striving to bring a positive reflection onto the darker aspects of life by means of strong lyrical storytelling. In Recognition is about being hospitalized in 2016. In looking back, I firstly needed to heal, before thinking about what comes after.

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Here's Hoping


Hello world! This is our brand new single 'Here's Hoping'. It's a song that represents our sound perfectly with a nice balance of melodies and riffs. Lyrically, the song is about realising someones true colours and cutting them out of your life. There’s nothing worse than consistent negativity!

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Faded Nostalgia

by Death of Youth

We're Death of Youth, a Melodic Hardcore project from Kent/South East London which intertwines the aggression of Hardcore with the introspective nature of Emo. Check out our single 'Faded Nostalgia' from our new EP 'Suburban Dystopia'

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by Oaths

Oaths are a dynamically violent post-hardcore trio based in Manchester.
We've been around for quite a while now but we're officialy back after a brief semi-hiatus.
Alone is our first official release; it's fast and loud, whilst having a little synthwave sprinkled in for good measure!

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Screams of lies


Hi guys we are FANKAZ from Italy, we play Hardcore punk since 2003 and this is 'Screams Of Lies' taken from our latest album 'Seities'. Fast tech hardcore punk with a lot of screaming vocals! Enjoy and keep following on our social pages. Cheers!

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by What We Lost

Hey Punktastic, we are What We Lost from Modena, Italy. We hope you enjoy our latest single 'Still', taken from upcoming EP 'Pretend to Sleep', which dropped February 7th.

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by Defeatist

Defeatist deliver a blend of hardcore that is both highly emotive and introspective. 'Mother' serves as both a testament to single mothers working tirelessly to support their families, as well as a middle finger to every father that couldn't be bothered.

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Hi Punktastic, we're melodic hardcore band Reclaimer from Lincoln. We hope you enjoy our new music video for "July". The track is taken from 'Grief, Enslaved' out August 2nd on Famined Records.

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Hi everyone! We are Subvert and this is our new single "Desolate Earth"! It features raw emotional spoken word, a melancholic chorus and a hard hitting breakdown. We'd love to hear what you all think!

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Defeatist UK

What’s good, hope all is well! Music really is just a labour of love for us but we finally got round to dropping some new tracks you guys might be into. Your time and thoughts are very much appreciated xo

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Anxious Hands

Hello! We're Anxious Hands, a melodic post hardcore band from New England. Our upcoming EP, 'Dissociate' is out on March 29th, check out our brand new track "Drifter" right now!

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Hey guys! We're Moderntears', a melodic hardcore band from Italy! Our latest single "Old Souls" is the track that we choose to lead our "Saddest Summer", despite the catchy chorus and the sweet melodies. It has been premiered by Dreambound and it will be on all the digital stores since June 26th!

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Single Wound

Hey there we're a band called Single Wound. We love playing catchy riffs, breakdowns and sing-a-longs. Our debut EP is available now on all platforms.

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