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Constant Interruption

by Outer Control

Hey we’re Outer Control and we love to play fast, fun melodic punk to get you buzzing. This track is in keeping with who we are, so we hope it at least makes you wriggle a little.

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Shiny Things

by They Stay Dead

Back with our first new release in 6 years, They Stay Dead is still the Gnarled Pop & Power that your big brother fell in love with in 2010!

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Throne Of Lies

by Head Honcho

The song will appear on their upcoming EP ‘Appetite for Distraction’ which will be released on May 1, 2020, through Snatchee Records (US) Gasterecords (Italy) and Lockjaw Distro (UK).

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Screams of lies


Hi guys we are FANKAZ from Italy, we play Hardcore punk since 2003 and this is 'Screams Of Lies' taken from our latest album 'Seities'. Fast tech hardcore punk with a lot of screaming vocals! Enjoy and keep following on our social pages. Cheers!

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Gear Up

by Steel Bridges

Steel Bridges is the punk-rock, melodic, technical, with a metal edge project from Quebec City. The first album "Flames", released in may 2019, is an independant solo instrumental studio project by Philippe Routhier. The song "Gear Up" is the first music video of the album.

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Bare Teeth

Hi guys, we're Bare Teeth, a punk rock band hailing from Lille, France. Our new international punk split "Bridging Oceans" (out on April 26th) features our band, Nerdlinger (Australia), Down Memory Lane (Canada) and Shames (Japan). Hope you'll like it!

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Astmatisk Gapskratt

Four-piece from rural Norway with energetic live performances and a wide range of influences.

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Our Lives In Cinema

Hi Everybody, we’re London’s Our Lives In Cinema. Check out our new EP ‘All Talk’ and the song ‘Talk You Up!’ We’re a pop-punk band but more in the Iron Chic, Pup vein of things, but heavily influenced by classic 80’s pop. Hope you’re into it!

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Blackcat Manor

Hello, We are Blackcat Manor from the small Midwest town of Freeport IL. We’ve been around for about 5 years with two releases and a third in the works. Our most recent release “Relentless” had the title track “Hellfire” featured in Season 7, Episode 1 of American Horror Story

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