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Living for the Sake of Living

by Kröker

Yo. We're Kröker from Northampton, UK. This is our song 'Living for the Sake of Living'. 3 minutes and 21 seconds of remembering a time before life beat you down and your body still worked as it should.

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by 3dBs Down

Hey guys! We're 3dBs Down from Kent. We play a combination of punk rock and ska. Our tunes are always melodic and catchy but will kick you in the nuts with the heaviest of riffs when you least expect it. This tune definitely fits that category. Hope you enjoy it!

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MIDBROOK will bring your skateboards out of the closet and make you move to the rhythm of their hardcore influences and their melodies sprinkled with Hollywood glitter. Since 2019. This track talks about the spiral of self-destruction and when our life doesn't have any more sense.

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Weight of Time

by Stonetone

Stonetone is a Finnish punk rock band. The band has recently released a new single; Weight of Time. Song is a strong and emotional contemplation of time and flow of life. The underlying idea of the band is to have a good time with good people.

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My Tinder Date Ruined My Life

by Lawndale

G'day! We're Lawndale and "My Tinder Date Ruined My Life" is the opening track of our new EP, Letters to Iceland. The EP is all about recovering from a destructive breakup and "My Tinder Date" is the beginnings of the story - using paint and art metaphors to explain how poorly things can end up.

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Into the Undertow

by Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio was born in 2021. Dave & Matt decided to write the songs they needed to hear. Punky pop rock, with a British flavour. Not trying to re-invent the wheel, but music in a familiar style that provides comfort in an emergency.

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Sweet Revenge

by Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking is a punk rock band that writes Happy songs about Sad things. The band has played punk acts such as with MxPx, Millencolin & Anberlin. “This song is about the catharsis of music and song writing, taking your feelings out on the page instead of with violence.”

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The Fall

by Remark

We are Remark, a DIY punk rock duo from Quebec, Canada. The song is called "The Fall" and that's the first single from our new EP album "The New Era". We are highly inspired by good old punk rock bands from the '90s such as Bad Religion, Millencolin, Propagandhi, and Pennywise.

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Navy Days

by Hinge

Hi people ,we are Hinge from Essex We have been wanting to play in a punk band for years, due to the boozers shutting down during lockdown, what else was there to do but write music. We got our first 7 track self titled EP out and would love people to go check it out.

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I Remember My Beating Heart

by Steel Bridges

I'm Philippe Routhier, the man behind Quebec's melodic punk one-man band, Steel Bridges. Here is “I Remember My Beating Heart”, the first single from my upcoming album "Under The Rug". Its fast pace of 220 bpm has a classic 90's skatepunk vibe inspired by songs of Millencolin and Strung Out.

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by Swecore

Swecore is a cover project of Swedish punk rock classics from the 90s. It started out as a DIY one-man cover band but ended having vocal collaborations from singers across the globe. Featuring the classic songs we grew up with and singers from bands we listen to now. A mix of nostalgia and hope

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by The Mendozaz

The Mendozaz formed in early 2017 as a part-time outlet for three guys who just wanted to play pop punk.Now it's 2021 and The Mendozaz are releasing "Up And At Them". It's a half hour of chaos infused with the same carefree attitude that made the first album a staple on punk playlists.

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Going Through (Revisited)

by Steel Bridges

Steel Bridges is a melodic punk project by the recording artist Philippe Routhier (Quebec City). Going Through (Revisited) is a song of encouragement to move forward despite the difficulties. By going through, we become who we are.

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by Project Revise

Borderline is a power pop punk, guitar-driven song featuring lyrics many could relate to during lockdown: "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. My body's bruised and broken from the chains". We created a light-hearted music video to accompany the release, featuring us doing a workout wearing 80's wigs!

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The Hand (Revisited)

by Steel Bridges

While I play every instrument and self-produce my melodic punk-metal music, I asked David Boulianne (from the Montreal punk band Long Story Short), to write lyrics for the song “The Hand” from the instrumental album Flames. Check that out! This is the second single from "Flames Revisited - Part I".

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The Lost

by Travis Riot

Hello everyone, we are Travis Riot from Amherst Nova Scotia, Canada. Check out our first single of 2020 called "The Lost" available now on most streaming sites. We hope you enjoy the song, cheers!

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Marie Kondo

by The Gold Coast

We are The Gold Coast, hailing from the south shore of Long Island. The song we are sharing with you is called Marie Kondo, once you hear the chorus you'll know why! Head on over to our Spotify and check out the rest of our music. Peace out!

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Lake Of Fire

by Part Time Killer

Yo! We are Part Time Killer from Finland! This song is from our new album. If you like melodic punk like Bad Religion, Millencolin etc. you might like us!!

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Rewind Erase

by Red Light Rebels

Just a little bit about us. With fast punchy guitar riffs and melodic dual vocals, the Rebels sound like the hay-day of Epitaph Records. We draw influence from the likes of Bouncing Souls, Teenage Bottle Rocket and Millencolin while retaining the raw feel of the UK punk scene. Cheers RLR xxx

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Disappointment & Hope


Greetings from Ukraine! This is Complete!, a melodic punk rock band from Eastern Europe. Formed in the early 2017 we have released two EP's and our first full length 'Disappointment & Hope' out now

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