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by Drag Me Down

Hi folks, we're Drag Me Down from Swindon, UK! This is our track "Disappointed" from our EP New Today Better Tomorrow! We're a fun and energetic pop punk/post hardcore band for fans of stuff like A Day To Remember, Neck Deep and WSTR. Check it out and if you like it consider saving on Spotify etc!

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The Fire

by A Swift Farewell

On the surface, “The Fire” is a bouncy pop-punk anthem that combines catchy guitar riffs and punchy drums with pop-sounding melodies. However, the lyrics carry an emotional story that contrasts with the “happiness” of the track.

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As Time Fades

Hello! We're As Time Fades a four piece pop punk band from Cleveland, OH. Our music is emotional and stems from our experiences. Give us a spin if you're a fan of pop punk!!

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