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Fence (feat. Lizzy Farrall)

by Crown The King

Hey! We're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland. We just released our new single Fence, which features guest vocals from Lizzy Farrall (Pure Noise Records). This is our 3rd single and we're really proud of it, we'd love for you to check it out and let us know what you think!

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by Relatively Calm

We're Relatively Calm! A pop-punk project based out of Atlanta. This song is important to us as it's a huge stepping stone in our production quality.

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by Van Full of Nuns

Van Full of Nuns is a pop-punk/emo band from Dallas, Texas. This track, "Unbound," is an anthem of empowerment and living life to the fullest. It’s about letting loose and leaving behind any and all preconceptions and insecurities about yourself to become the best version of yourself you can be.

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by Crown The King

Hi, We're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland. This is our second single Honey, its an upbeat pop punk track about the pettiness that follows a bad breakup. We'd appreciate it if you checked us out and let us know what you think!

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Slipped Through My Fingers

by Down And Out

We are a 5 piece pop/punk band and we have finally followed up from our debut EP with a new song that has our first ever music video! This song is high energy with a catchy chorus and we had heaps of fun recording it. We hope you have just as much fun listening to it!

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by Give Me A Reason

After their debut album in summer 2019, Give Me A Reason decided to reshuffle the cards and approach the world in a new color. With new members, new music and a new concept, the band flew to LA to record the upcoming EP Vice Versa with Blake Roses of Pastel Recording Company.

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by Goodfella

Hello, we are four-piece pop-punk band Goodfella and this is our first single of our upcoming EP, Hindsight. We just recorded with Seth Henderson at Always Be Genius Studios again, and really feel like every song from this EP represents our true sound after five years of being in the band. Enjoy!

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Sit Down

by Endless Season

Hey People, my name is Anthony and this is my project Endless Season and the debut single 'Sit Down' is officially out on July 10th. It's an upbeat track with a deep message about wanting to escape from a situation you feel trapped in.

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by Night Hums

Hey all! We're Night Hums out of Baltimore, MD. FOMO is the first single off our upcoming full length record. We wanted to release an upbeat and positive approach to our current worldly situation. We hope it gets you grooving. Thanks!

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Over You

by Bronnie

This is basically a massive fuck you angry breakup song! We're a Liverpool based band who've supported bands such as Neck Deep, WSTR, WOES, etc. Enjoy!

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Trust Me, I've Been There

by Coastlines

Hey guys, we're Coastlines, a Pop Punk / Alternative band from North East England. This is our first single "Trust Me, I've Been There". We try keep pace and positivity high in our music to give you something to bounce to, and don't think it could be any clearer in this song. We hope you like it!

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Straight Outta Line


Indulge in the tunes and fall in love with Janiz. Come in, take a look around and get carried away. You will listen to a female fronted band that plays very fine alternative rock and pop punk.

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Last Night Saved My Life

Hello Punktastic, we're Last Night Saved My Life, a pop-punk band from Mid-Michigan. We hope you enjoy our new single Waterfall ft. State Champs' Derek DiScanio. Our debut album Cherry drops June 28th.

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Record Low

Hello We are Record Low a Pop Punk band from the South West Of The Uk.We been around since 2015. In 2018 we decided to make an album called "Pictures For The World To See" a follow up to our 2015 EP "Kind Words of Advice".

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Carried Away

Hey friends! We are Carried Away, a 3 piece pop punk band from Toronto, Canada and we are excited to share our tunes with you! We blend catchy vocal hooks straight out of early 00s with modern emo / pop punk vibes to deliver hard hitting and honest, but at the same time upbeat and hopeful sound.

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Danny Wright

Hiya!, My name is Danny Wright, I am a Singer-Songwriter based in London, Ive been doing music for a while, formerly in the singer and songwriter for other UK bands. I am now busy with my solo project and I have this new video I would love you to check out, it's a song i wrote with my fans. Enjoy!

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Lost From The Start

Lost From The Start is an energetic pop punk band from Limburg (BE). By utilising melodic guitar parts and catchy, yet thoughtful lyrics, the band reaches out to everyone trying to find their way. A fair warning though, the songs might get stuck in your head for days. A trip down memory lane.

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Playing Pretend

Playing Pretend are a 5 piece Pop-Punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We just released our Debut EP, 'Dormancy'. Drawing influence from bands such as All Time Low and Brand New, Playing Pretend combines Pop inspired lyrical writing with heavier punk guitar styled riffing.

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Stations Creations

Ex-This Legend's Vocalist Chris Castillo's new musical project Stations Creations. New EP has just been released - Check it out!

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We Know John

Hey! We're We Know John, a 6 piece Pop Punk band hailing from Southampton. We dropped our first album on the 4th January 2019 so it would be great if you could check it out!

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