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Parasitic Freedom (Damage)

by Porch Coffin

Former Bad Luck guitarist and pro wrestler Evan “Wolfe Taylor” Blaine returns with a new band called Porch Coffin.

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Running On Empty

by Crown The King

Hey, we're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland. This is our new single "Running On Empty", it's the second track to be released from our debut EP "Groundhog Day" which comes out in February. The song serves as a reminder not to dwell on the past too much and to not let life pass you by.

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by Drew Gallagher

My name is Drew Gallagher and I'm a pop-punk artist from Boston. I grew up listening to bands like blink 182, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Neck Deep, and other American Pie artists. My song Treehanger is about meeting a friend that helped me in a low bout of suicidal depression.

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True Love - Pure Hate


Hey! We are Life Lessons from Oslo, Norway! The fact about this track or album is that we started writing it in January 2020. I hope you guys like it because we think it is a banger!

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by Honeytalks

Parachute is fast, fun and catchy! Its got plenty of moving parts and catchy hooks for your aural pleasure.

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Nothing Feels The Same

by Visions

Hey, What's up. We're Visions a 4 piece alternative rock band. 'NFTS' calls attention to another side of us, closer related to pop punk and focused away from the ambient nature of our other songs, a run time of less than 3 minutes ‘Nothing Feels The Same’ is upbeat, emotional & immediately memorable

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by Petrol Station

Hi! We have just released our new EP Tracy on 27th of August. We are alt-rock/pop-punk band from Czechia. We believe it would be cool to interest your listeners/readers with our new EP and we hope you´ll like it and give us some feedback! We would like to expand our new music even more!

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We Are Done

by Homesick

Hey! It's Darío, I'm in a Pop-Punk band based in Madrid, called Homesick We formed during quarantine and we're about to release our first single HOMESICK - WE ARE DONE (anticipated link) Hope you like it!

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Off The Ground

by Neversaid

Hey, we're Neversaid! Off The Ground is the lead single featured on our debut EP 'Getting Better'. It was written about cutting out a toxic friend, and describes the anger, sadness and desperation of realising a person is having a negative impact in your life.

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Why Am I Still Here?

by Something In-Between

Hey guys, we're Something In-Between and this is 'Why Am I Still Here?' which was released on our most recent EP. It was written by our bassist, Jared, who recorded the main vocals for this track. Jared is a massive Hoppus fanboy and a lot of inspiration was taken from early Blink for this song.

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In My Head Again EP

by GLD

We’ve put blood sweat & tears into this since 2020 unfolded. We love all good music no matter the form but to be able to make pop punk again & bring it into the future means the world to us. Thank you Kayzo and Welcome Records for believing in this project. 💛

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Nineties Guys

by Feelbacks

Hey you beautiful people, we're Feelbacks, a pop punk from Rome, Italy. We're releasing our new single "Nineties Guys", which is about our angsty and tormented generation living in this fast-moving century, anticipating our new album "PARADOX".

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Sooner or Later

by Jumping Ship

Hello! We're Jumping Ship, a Pop Punk band from Normal, Illinois. Being in a genre that can sometimes feel a little cookie-cutter, we do our best to approach the genre with outside-the-box lyricism, structure, tone, and overall intention in hopes it creates a cool sound that doesn't feel overdone.

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Deep End

by Misplaced

Hey! We're Misplaced from Glasgow, Scotland! We released our debut EP in May 2021 and Deep End is our follow up single, its about as pop punk as it gets!! Hope you enjoy xo

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Groundhog Day

by Crown The King

Hey, We're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland and this is our new single "Groundhog Day". It's from our debut EP of the same name which comes out on February 2nd! If you like pop punk with gritty vocals and honest, open lyrics this might be the track for you.

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Nothing at All

by Sideline Heroes

Hey y'all! We're Sideline Heroes, a pop punk band from Nashville, TN and we're super excited for our debut EP to be released later this spring. "Nothing at All" is one of our favorites off of it and we're thrilled to share it with everyone!

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When You're Looking Like That

by Crown The King

Hey, We're Crown The King. We just released a cover of Westlife's "When You're Looking Like That". We did a cover of this track for TikTok earlier in the year and people liked it. We had already written a full arrangement and it was just too good not to release in full. So here it is!

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by Nebulosa

Hi, we are the Nebulosa, 3 guys from Rome. "Ventisei", our first track, tells the life of a boy with a passion for music who, at 26, given the problems that afflict the world, feels in a cage and with little chance of success. so in the song he talks to himself about his relationship with music.

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by Crown The King

Hey whats up, we're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland and this is our new single "Melissa", it's an anthemic pop punk track about being there for someone in a time of need. This is our fourth single and the first track taken from our Debut EP coming later this year!

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by Quiet Like A Thief

Hey Punktastic, we're pop-punk quintet Quiet Like A Thief from the East Coast, USA. We hope you enjoy our new music video for "LAK". Follow us on socials for more new music, coming soon.

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