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by Quiet Like A Thief

Hey Punktastic, we're pop-punk quintet Quiet Like A Thief from the East Coast, USA. We hope you enjoy our new music video for "LAK". Follow us on socials for more new music, coming soon.

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She's From A Different World

by 54 Reasons

Hi we're "54 Reasons"! We've been a band since 2013. With Juan Alvarez on vocals and guitar, Evan Plyler on Bass, and Aron Hetsko on drums! This is our newest track "She's From A Different World"! From our upcoming album "Cigarettes And Candy" Give us a listen! We promise you'll become a fan!

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Fence (feat. Lizzy Farrall)

by Crown The King

Hey! We're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland. We just released our new single Fence, which features guest vocals from Lizzy Farrall (Pure Noise Records). This is our 3rd single and we're really proud of it, we'd love for you to check it out and let us know what you think!

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Campus Queen

by Dirty Mike

Hey folks we are Dirty Mike from Glasgow here to bring you that rock goodness. Check out "Campus Queen" A fun tale of our first night out, depicting the excitement of the evening and the feeling of regret the morning after. A song to remind us of better times while such nights are not possible. x

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Cat's Cradle

by strayfare

Psst! Hey, wrote this song about my cat. It's off our new album Semi-formal. Sounds sick muted. Trust me.

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by Relatively Calm

We're Relatively Calm! A pop-punk project based out of Atlanta. This song is important to us as it's a huge stepping stone in our production quality.

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by Drag Me Down

Hi folks, we're Drag Me Down from Swindon, UK! This is our track "Disappointed" from our EP New Today Better Tomorrow! We're a fun and energetic pop punk/post hardcore band for fans of stuff like A Day To Remember, Neck Deep and WSTR. Check it out and if you like it consider saving on Spotify etc!

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"Everything, Everyone"

by Three Cheers Too Late

Hey everyone, we're Three Cheers Too Late and our video for "Everything, Everyone" is about how we wish we could time-hop and see a passed loved one. Prepare to feel the feels.

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Long Damn Year

by Safe at Second

What’s up everyone!! We’re Safe at Second from Calgary, Canada and we just released our debut EP “Memories”. If you’re a fan of the good old days when life was, let’s say, a little more simple, then this EP for you. So kick back, relax and enjoy some freshly brewed pop-punk 🤙

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My Toxic Heart

by Honestly, Anywhere

My Toxic Heart - Our bubblegum pop anthem that would make All Time Low weep, blink-182 proud and Enter Shikari laugh at. This is the 100th time we’ve rewritten this song and we vow if this song goes viral, we’ll all quit music to become shepherds.

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by From Here On Out

We are From Here On Out, a pop-punk band from Carlisle, England. This is our first single since our lineup change this year and we can't wait for you to hear it!

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Plaid Shoes and Tattoos

by The Things We Were

This our first lovesick ‘F*ck You’ song, and perfectly encapsulates and showcases the power and dynamic range of this band,” says co-founder Dylan Garforth. “We’re really excited about the music we’ve been making this year and we can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world."

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The One Who Pushed (feat. Joey Fleming)

by Rival Town

If you've been looking for that high energy break up song, look no further. Rival Town has you covered. Huge hooks, soaring vocals and a dope feature from Joey Fleming (In Her Own Words), this song has it all.

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by Crown The King

Hi, We're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland. This is our second single Honey, its an upbeat pop punk track about the pettiness that follows a bad breakup. We'd appreciate it if you checked us out and let us know what you think!

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Long Goodbye

by Self Strength

Hey there , We are SELF STRENGTH pop punk band from Thailand , We released a new single called "Long Goodbye" We hope you enjoy with our song , Thank you so much.

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Slipped Through My Fingers

by Down And Out

We are a 5 piece pop/punk band and we have finally followed up from our debut EP with a new song that has our first ever music video! This song is high energy with a catchy chorus and we had heaps of fun recording it. We hope you have just as much fun listening to it!

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Simply Crazy

by Steal The Day

Hey Punktastic, we're Orlando pop-punks Steal The Day. We hope you enjoy the lyric video for our brand new single, "Simply Crazy"

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by Give Me A Reason

After their debut album in summer 2019, Give Me A Reason decided to reshuffle the cards and approach the world in a new color. With new members, new music and a new concept, the band flew to LA to record the upcoming EP Vice Versa with Blake Roses of Pastel Recording Company.

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Life in Slow Motion

by Goalkeeper

Hey everyone! We are Goalkeeper and this is our new EP "Life in Slow Motion"! Produced by Kevin Mahoney of Hit the Lights, Engineered by Will Pugh of Cartel, mixed and mastered by Seb Barlow of Neck Deep! Out everywhere 9/25/2020 via Lost Music Collective and Vinnie Fiorello of Less than Jake.

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by Danny Wright

Danny provides a safe place where listeners can let go of all their frustrations and admit they need help. It’s not enough to fix the world's problems, but it's enough to make someone feel a little bit better, if only for the duration of a 3-minute punk song.

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