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Cut My Losses

by Crown The King

Hey, we're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland. We just released our new single Cut My Losses, it's a straight up pop punk anthem about self awareness and knowing when to shut up and listen to somebody else! If you like your pop punk upbeat, catchy and introspective this one is for you!

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Stop Signs Are Merely Suggestions

by Moving Boxes

Hello! We're Moving Boxes, a silly little emo band from Raleigh North Carolina! This track is the first single off our upcoming album "The Things We Leave Behind". We're super proud of this one and we hope you like it.

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Your Move

by Swim Down

Hi! We're Swim Down, a pop punk band from Seattle. This is our first single and we hope you enjoy!

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by Zakmes

Hi! I'm Zakmes, a Pop Punk solo-artist from the Netherlands. I released a new song called ''I HOPE UR HAPPY'', it's about wishing well upon others while dealing with life yourself. the song start out With a chill sound and electronic trap drums, but it evolves into a full poppunk song throughout :)

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by Speak Never

We write honest pop rock songs that get to the point. From Say Anything’s self-deprecating self-analysis, to Joyce Manor’s fuzzed out riffs, through to 80s hooks - our eclectic pool of influences make for an accessible sound, while shirking middle of the road.

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Sooner or Later

by Jumping Ship

Hello! We're Jumping Ship, a Pop Punk band from Normal, Illinois. Being in a genre that can sometimes feel a little cookie-cutter, we do our best to approach the genre with outside-the-box lyricism, structure, tone, and overall intention in hopes it creates a cool sound that doesn't feel overdone.

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Asleep at the Wheel

by Couples Therapy

Hey guys, we're Brighton-based Sparkle Punk sad boys Couples Therapy. This is our new single Asleep at the Wheel complete with DIY quarantine music video. It's an optimistic little song about obsessing over the past and learning to break cycles of anxiety. We hope you enjoy it!

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Wouldn't It Be Nice

by Manic Year

We're three long-lost friends who reunited last summer to make cathartic music. When the pandemic hit, we switched to recording remotely. Our latest track is an irony-tinged cover of a Beach Boys classic. As long as there's an Internet, we plan to inject it with colorful punk songs.

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by Overset

After playing shows with bands like WSTR and ROAM, we spent some time looking for a fresh sound and have delivered a single we are extremely proud of. Influenced by bands like Hot Mulligan, we wrote this song for anyone who has ever lost someone and had to deal with the hardship that followed.

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Boston, MA post-hardcore quintet Northwoods kickstart 2019 with dual a-side single 'On Love'/'On Loss'. 'On Love' takes on a fast paced, energetic vibe whilst 'On Loss' features special guest Bradley Walden from Emarosa and debuts a softer, more catchier side. Check us out & follow on Socials!

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