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Class War

by MC16

2022 AD earth greetings, we are MC16. This is our new track Class War. See you at Rebellion Festival? The Class War will never be a score draw!

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Cash Cow

by Cuffs

The punks who call themselves CUFFS will inspire you to take action, question the system around you, and have a damn good time while you do it. With drilling riffs, heavy beats and lyrics fuelled by angst and social frustration.

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Ski Mask

by Spirit of the Wildfire

Hey there, we are Spirit of the Wildfire from Halifax, Nova scotia, Canada. This is the second single off of our upcoming album. We did something a little different for this track and featured some heavy keyboard and synthesizer. Got some serious Refused vibes, solid genre bender tune.

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I Like You

by Nrvs

I Like You is about how basic humans can be. Love songs, poems about suicide, Tinder… all boil down to one thing: I like you, do you like me? To accompany the release London director GrainFreeze made this high-intensity visual hit of sci-fi – an unnatural blend of Tarkovsky’s Solaris & Flash Gordon

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I Work The Line

by Feels Goodman

Yoo! This is the 1st song off a 5 track concept EP I made. The song is about the oldest story known to man: grinding it out in music only to find yourself working in kitchens in your 30s. The EP goes though that journey using familiar 90s Pop Punk conventions. Hope you like it :D

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I Don't Belong


Hi! Welcome to DRIFTAWAY, my new solo project from Sheffield, UK. My debut single 'I Don't Belong' is the first of many open, honest tracks I have written. Please enjoy my blend of driving alt punk music and vulnerable lyrics that have helped me process my own struggles and focus on moving forward!

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Back Pedal

by Forever Dead!

Hey Ho! How's it going folks? Punk band Forever Dead! released their new album "Pretending We're Surviving" this past April. The track uploaded here is called Backpedal, it is the first tune on the album and really sets it off like a bomb. Check out the wicked tune from a deadly band.

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by Røtten Apple

We are Røtten Apple, a grunge and punk band from the armpit of California, mixing the sounds of the 90s with a modern rock twist. Our single, "Ashamed" is all about... well being ashamed. Ashamed takes place after a heavy breakup, and the pain that comes with it.

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Old Habits


‘Old Habits’ is the first of 2 singles to be released by Sunliner this summer, to whet fan’s appetites before they release their debut album. Produced and recorded by the legendary, Frank Turner, the track ‘Old Habits’ has the makings of ‘that’ memorable rock track of the summer.

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by Heligan

Hi everyone, we are Heligan - a progressive punk power trio from Perth, Western Australia. We'd like to introduce our debut single, Castaways, written in the lock-down and inspired by the anger of corruption.

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Cult Cult Cult

by Debt Neglector

Debt Neglector is saying no to the capitalism kool-aid on their new track. As the title suggests, the band's pursuit on “Cult Cult Cult” is to wake up the masses from the blind, cult-like following towards corporate greed.

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Queen of Swords (LP)

by Typhoid Rosie

Here is the press release for the full album which released 8/13/21. In it is a track by track about each song written by me (the singer): You guys had featured us on a single on our last album back in 2018. Would love to get the new album reviewed. Thanks!

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The Kids Are All Reich

by Heavy Meds

Heavy Meds are a loosely affiliated bunch of punkrockers, notably including Frank Turner on this record. This song is about incels, QAnon, and the rest of them skidmarks.

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Drunken Master

by Supertwin

Supertwin is a Gainesville-born psych-rock/punk outfit that conjures spellbinding tunes at dizzying volumes. Their dual drum kits lead the charge as wailing guitars and pummeling bass vie for supremacy, forming a well-oiled machine fit to bulldoze a field of larpers or fuel your warp drive.

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Armchair Apathist

by Zero Cost

Zero Cost are a melodic punk band from Hull in the UK. This song is about the type of person who is apathetic toward the plight of the "other" who may be dealing with the life threatening consequences of conflict, but who is filled with rage at the slightest hint of inconvenience to their own lives.

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Brand New Day

by Jack and Sally

"Brand New Day" is the pop-punk anthem everyone needs for a post-lockdown summer of freedom. Produced by Oz Craggs (Neck Deep, Mallory Knox), "Brand New Day" is a song about hope, and the search for a new beginning.

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In My Head Again EP

by GLD

We’ve put blood sweat & tears into this since 2020 unfolded. We love all good music no matter the form but to be able to make pop punk again & bring it into the future means the world to us. Thank you Kayzo and Welcome Records for believing in this project. 💛

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by Hotknives

Hey everyone! We are Hotknives from Hamilton, Ontario and we're happy to finally bring you our newest song "Cynical." This is the first single from our upcoming EP "II," releasing September 3rd, 2021! Check out the song and pre-save the new EP!

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Dirty Water

by Debt Neglector

Dirty Water is an musical smack in the face to American corruption inspired by the Flint Water Crisis. In typical punk fashion, the band is using their music as a platform for social change. They will split the proceeds between Flint Kids Fund and Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (SBEV).

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Red Hands

by Run with Hounds

The music video for our new single 'Red Hands' was released Tuesday on Cleopatra Records, and we'd would love if you would consider the video for review. Thank you in advance. The lyrics tell a pulp magazine style drama of betrayal that is all at once painfully sincere yet tongue in cheek.

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