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by Nick Leonard

Nick Leonard (Myopic, Blinding Eye Dog) is a musician and producer in Washington, D.C. I've played in a number of metal and punk bands in the local scene and produce my own solo project on the side, playing all instruments, vocals, recording, artwork, it's all 100% me, for better or worse!

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Ego Death

by Mutha-Falcon

Hey y'all! We're the afro-punk fusion band Mutha-Falcon and we stay hype. 'Ego Death' is a driving, high-energy, social commentary on what happens when small-town relevancy seeps into an individual's perception of themselves and consumes their state of mind. This is their attitude check.

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Shit Brown

by Tudors

Hi everyone! We're a punk band. We're best friends. We're gonna save the world.

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Junk Drawer

by Hostile Omish

Hey punks! We're the Hostile Omish - a name synonymous with Ohio punk for the past three decades! Here is Junk Drawer, the latest single from our 30th anniversary album, XXX! Pick up or stream a copy and rock out to BARNCORE!!

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by Revive

Hey there, we're emo/punk band Revive from Poland. We've recently dropped a new EP and we'd love you to give it a go if you like emotional, melodic punk with some 90s alternative rock vibe!

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Groan Ups

by Sadface

YO. We're Sadface, four mates who've cut our teeth on the London DIY Punk circuit. 'Groan Ups' is taken from our debut EP, 'A Tree Grew Through Me', an exploration of spiritual vice. This track critiques celebrity culture and the toxicity it perpetuates. Abrasive, frenetic, satirical. Fuck 'em all!

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Magic Fag

by The Off Beats

Hey, we are The Off Beats. We have our new EP Waste out now. Our single “have you got a burn for me” is a catchy tune. This song “Magic Fag” was written and then worked on for a year until finally released. We hope you enjoy!!

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Fired For Partying.

by World War IX

Hello Pickup! World War IX here. Do you like slap in your face, hook filled, humor driven punk rock?! Well so do we, and we just so happen to have a brand new 5 song 10" out that we think YOU will enjoy. We've been around for a few COUGH years and, we're having more fun than ever!

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Wake Up

by Basement Sound

We are five dads who love to play music together. What we love the most is getting our songs inside of people's domes and hearing them sing back to us on stage.

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by Vile Assembly

Vile Assembly release their provocative video in support of their latest single: ’Propaganda’. The track is inspired by the barrage of misinformation, gossip, hearsay and out-and-out propaganda churned-out by some of the world’s leading tabloid and media sources.

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Dread and Doubt

by Cavalier Attitude

Hi there! We are Cavalier Attitude. A punk band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have just released our debut single, Dread and Doubt and we would love for you to check it out.

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Le Monde Entier


The global destructive wars on earth and the one sometimes inside people or between them. Lost people looking for a better self using toxic or bad ways to find light. The peace of mind when the wars are over, when you achieve the non-judgmental big life, the energy lifestyle.

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We like making rockin' tunes with lots of distortion!

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No Ticket

We are No Ticket, a 3 piece Punk Band from the North East of England. We just released our first single "Confidence" from our debut EP "Distractions"

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We are Buffet. We are from a small town on Fidalgo Island called Anacortes. Loud music didn't happen here for a while. Now it does. One of us owns the record store The Business. Two of us were in The Lonely Forest. One of us shouts about things. Maybe you'll like us.

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UkePunk began in Ramsbottom, Lancs in July 2009, initially as a solo project. Their debut album Punk Police (2014) and subsequent EP From The North gained rave reviews from Louder Than War and Vive Le Rock. Their new album 'I Blame The Parents' was released on 1st May 2019.

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Black Russians

A track from our debut album. Hail satan

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We're a Punk/HC band in the vein of 80's DC Hardcore acts like Scream and Government Issue. Our new EP 'GREAT AGAIN' is aimed squarely at the Trump administration with five quick, fast and angry hardcore blasts. 'GREAT AGAIN' delivers equal amounts of humor and bile in classic style.

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JUG! American Folk Punk!

JUG! American Folk Punk! We've been playing our version of punk rock for 18 years. Upright Bass, Fiddle, Guitar and Drums; loud and unrepentant. Its not any fun playing it safe and we've never been ones to keep our mouths shut. We're based out of Fryeburg Maine.

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Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение

Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение is a Russian music band formed in Volgograd in 2012. The band’s name is translated as Absolutely Good Mood.

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