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Big Data

by Spirit of the Wildfire

Hi Folks! We're Spirit of the Wildfire from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is the first album we've released since before the pandemic and we're excited to be back. This song is called Big Data, it's full of loud guitars, screeching synths, pounding drums and powerful vocals. Hope you enjoy, cheers!

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by BareBelly

Hey what's up, this is BareBelly, we are a punk rock band from Arizona. "Bodyguard" is a single about my girlfriend and how she keeps me safe on the mean streets of Phoenix. Thanks for listening!

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by Snark

We're Snark! We're excited to share our new song "Stay" with you. It's an oddly positive song about losing a loved one and searching for closure. We tackle a relatively heavy topic with a high-energy song that you can bop to - because there's nothing more cathartic than dancing away that darkness.

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Ski Mask

by Spirit of the Wildfire

Hey there, we are Spirit of the Wildfire from Halifax, Nova scotia, Canada. This is the second single off of our upcoming album. We did something a little different for this track and featured some heavy keyboard and synthesizer. Got some serious Refused vibes, solid genre bender tune.

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Thrashing to Destroy

by The Shapers

Hey guys, we’re The Shapers and we’re so excited to finally share new music with you! ‘Thrashing to Destroy’ is a song about how wild you get in situations where you just let the adrenaline rush take control. It’s fast, angry but melodic, and we hope you’re gonna love it !

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Campus Queen

by Dirty Mike

Hey folks we are Dirty Mike from Glasgow here to bring you that rock goodness. Check out "Campus Queen" A fun tale of our first night out, depicting the excitement of the evening and the feeling of regret the morning after. A song to remind us of better times while such nights are not possible. x

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by Killer Wails

A staple of the Toronto Punk Scene, The Killer Wails straddle the space between punk rock and classic rock. They've graced the stage with notable acts like Cancer Bats,The Isotopes,The Murderburgers and Boids. During the great Lockdown, The Killer Wails enjoy sharing memes over their band chat.

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Hi guys, Whitstable is the debut single from PLAY DEAD - three teenagers from south London. It’s fast, hard-hitting, no holds barred punk music about a day at the beach with a can of beer. It's being released by new independent label, Blitzcat Records, based out of London.

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by Rushing Spring

Hey y'all we're Rushing Spring, this track is off our just-released debut EP 100% Human. It's about young love, long drives, and good memories. Hope you enjoy!

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Late Nights Alone

by Backseat Vinyl

Backseat Vinyl is a three-piece Indie Rock band based in Denver, Colorado who started out as high school friends. Our most recent track 'Late Nights Alone' is a fun, Garage sounding Punk tune. Enjoy!

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Front man Peter Harrison comments on the song: “I actually wrote Josephine about 4 years ago. I don’t really write ‘em like this anymore, which is a shame, but I still love it—which is a miracle—because the other songs I wrote during that batch I don’t think much of any more."

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The Tar Sands

Hi I'm Scott Martin! I'm the singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, just everything for The Tar Sands. I got sick of playing with people who didn't wanna play rowdy fuzzed out garage punk so I DIY'd My debut album, Unfiltered is all me, and all dirty, greasy, gross tones & themes. Enjoy!

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Hey you, we are DOGMATIC, we make loud music and with think you'd like it. It's sat somewhere between garage rock and punk, but we'll let you make up your own mind. A friend said this track sounds like if Limp Bizkit were garage punk. We still don't know if that was a compliment or not...

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Spirit of the Wildfire

We are Spirit of the Wildfire, a dynamic punk band that blends styles from hiphop to punk, dubbing the sound "Funk-Punk". We've just released the first single off of our third album, a fun and catchy pop punk tune called "Static".

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Love Reptiles

Hey everyone! We are Love Reptiles from Kent! We like to make psychedelic, punky music full of passion. Give us a spin! Our new single "Gun" is now out!

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Fade Awaays

Toronto garage rock band, Fade Awaays, that's comprised of four teenagers. They've already played shows with Wolf Alice and The Sherlocks and now they're readying their debut EP starting with lead single "Get Along".

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The Bare Minimum

'Safe Bet' is the first track from our upcoming EP 'Where the Buses Don't Come'. Ripping through 7 songs in less than 15 minutes, it's our most direct and intense offering. Available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Russian torrent sites November 2, 2018!

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Hey guys, Many a nights drinking in many a bars a catchy chorus would often pop into my head. I began recording them on my iPhone as not to black it out. Now it's a full blow EP. Check us out.

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Hey there! We're SOBER and "Fuck It" is the 2nd track off of our debut EP "Mental Decline". If you're sick of having a job, a crappy relationship and no friends then this song is for you...or if you just like punk.

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