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Tequila Sunrise

by Hollow Graves

Toronto post-punk rockers Hollow Graves emerge from the darkness with “Tequila Sunrise,” the first single from their most fully realised project to date. The song sees the band shifts the balance from their post-punk origins to a more melodic indie rock sound.

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Tidal Gloom

Tidal Gloom is the stranger in a trench coat in the alleyway covered in cigarette smoke who you can only see when the neon sign from the bar blinks on.

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Lord Leper

Hello! We are Lord Leper - a Scottish duo melding garage rock, punk and folk into our own unique Melancholy Racket. Our debut LP 'Star Signs & Misery Rhymes' explores identity, self-doubt, stagnation and escape and features our most ambitious experimentation to date. Hope you dig it!

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Lizard Pool

Hey we are LIZARD POOL. We grew up in the East German punk scene of the 80s. Some say we revive the golden era of post-punk, others say we combine "weltschmerz" with rebellion.

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