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Slow Murder


RONKER, the speed noise band hailing from the heart of the swamplands of Belgium, released their new single ‘Slow Murder’ on FEB 20th. 'Slow Murder’ acts like a hand grenade sized song full of dissonant aggression, fueled by the ability to put things in perspective.

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by bleach.

Hello all, this is our punkiest / newest track. Inspired by SOFT PLAY / IDLES, its about cancel culture. The ending is pretty hard and always goes down well live.

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Fans can expect a song that delves into IOTA’s signature sound and is sure to resonate with both existing fans and new listeners. Throughout their existence, IOTA has garnered a loyal following, which solidifies their place in the alternative rock scene.

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Nothing To Lose

by Drella

Hey! We're Drella, a punk band from Bradford who team our music with social activism to help fight against the economic troubles facing our hometown of Bradford. Our new single 'Nothing To Lose’ protests against police violence, exemplifying our style of brave and culturally relevant punk songs.

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by Gurriers

This is our third single “Nausea”. We're a five piece from Dublin who plays music with elements of punk, noise, alt-rock & shoegaze with intense socio-political lyrics. The song is about modern jobs such as content moderation and the impact it has on the mental health of those who work in that area

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Live session

by Sunday Panic

Hi! We are Sunday Panic a Post-punk Band between Blitz and the Smiths that rips your ears off and kicks your head in the teeth. This is our first Live session, this 4 tracks will be in our second EP (release in October). This is 100% DIY. Cheers !

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To Hell and Back

by Cuffs

Hey, we're CUFFS our debut album 'To Hell and Back' drops on the 10th February, we would love it if you have the chance to check it out. Angst and social frustration from Bristol, UK; Modern punk/hardcore with a high energy feel and lyrics discussing the everyday struggles we face in society!

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Heroes in Disgrace

by Killer Kowalski

Hi, we're Killer Kowalski. A cynical, militant but simultaneously humorous punk and post-punk influenced rock band with a strong rhythmic drive, led by some great, hectoring vocals. This track is our first single, it's about the people you used to looking up to turning into arseholes!

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'All the things we can't replace' EP

by Stay // Asleep

"A bold & brash punk rock soundtrack for desolate times" This song touches upon real life experiences of how, still to this day, there is a lack of respect for those that have contributed to growing this country. The rich tapestry and diversity of the UK should be celebrated, always.

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Here Come the Waves

by Poor Lily

Hey! We're Poor Lily, a punk band based in New York and Connecticut. Today we released an EP, Toxic Envelope, with four new songs that are fast and loud and a little weird. We've been called "an SST-ish breath of rancid smog who bring some reality and meaning back into the hardcore aesthetic."

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No Offence

by Fractured

We're an unsigned, post-punk four-piece from Brighton with a new album just out called Cracking Up. No Offence is our take on everyone being so easily offended these days. It's spiky, direct and absurd. We play Crofters Rights in Bristol on 8 June with The Jackdaw.  Any support appreciated.

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Self Destructor

by The Lonesomes

The Lonesomes’ latest release, ‘Self Destructor,’ is their most diverse track to date. With added synths and drumbeats that wouldn’t feel out of place in ‘The Prodigy’. the band is pushing the boundaries of post-punk experimentation.

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Haunt Me!

by Witch Hook

We are Witch Hook, a gothic punk duo dwelling in Bristol performing, writing and making music in the underground scene of the city - this song is our third track, 'Haunt Me!' and we have been working on it for a long time, its dark, seductive and violent and we hope you enjoy it!

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by Torch The Hive

Hello! We're Torch the Hive from Chicago, Illinois. We're so excited to share our new single 'deku' with you. This song is told from the perspective of someone who has exhausted their options after a long bout of depression to the point where they view themselves as a 'deku' - a useless person.

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by Grimelda

We’d been kinda searching for the perfect guest for “Freedom” when we reconnected with the Welsh band TELGATE. Their lead vocalist, Casper James, is a powerhouse and his band deals with his own gender and people’s ignorance around that, so having that voice was important to us.

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Nightmare (Reissue)

by Fleas

Hi there! We are Fleas, an alternative punk band from Suffolk. This is Nightmare (Reissue), a version of one of our fan favourite songs in its truest form. This powerful rock ballad captures the emotion that coincides with depression and the consequences of treatment, a subject close to our hearts.

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“Coming Through”


Newly formed Post Hardcore/Noise-Punk outfit, FAKE HANDS, have just released their first single, "Coming Through". The song is a blistering rock track that blends the hard hitting 90s sound with the gritty no-frills instrumentation of 80s punk.

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The Test


Hi everyone, we are CHAFE! A noisy band from the flat lands of Lincolnshire. We are kind of heavy, a bit poppy, a tad silly and a touch heartfelt. Our song The Test hopefully encapsulates most of those elements in an energetic bass driven tune with some big vocal melodies and rhythmical quirkiness

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Pipes (radio edit)

by The Ducks

Hello wrong uns, we're The Ducks, one of Brighton's (UK) most original bands. A weird, unique, absurd punk 2 piece. Recently, Louder Than War's new band of the day. This track is about DIY plumbing.

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Cash Cow

by Cuffs

The punks who call themselves CUFFS will inspire you to take action, question the system around you, and have a damn good time while you do it. With drilling riffs, heavy beats and lyrics fuelled by angst and social frustration.

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