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Ones & Zeros

by Mt. Yonder

Following the Easter Sunday drop of their debut single Domino Day, the Midlands based 4-piece are back with their second offering, a 5 minute journey entitled Ones & Zeros.

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Domino Day

by Mt. Yonder

Four backgrounds spent in overlapping circles of eclectic scenes, coalescing to create an urgent sound that is centred around the immediacy of angular rock, whilst retaining a focus on melody. Featuring members of Blakfish, The Broken Oak Duet, &U&I, Shapes The Cape of Good Hope & To The Wall

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by Grimelda

We’d been kinda searching for the perfect guest for “Freedom” when we reconnected with the Welsh band TELGATE. Their lead vocalist, Casper James, is a powerhouse and his band deals with his own gender and people’s ignorance around that, so having that voice was important to us.

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Do You Compute (full length)

by Do You Compute

We produced this record ourselves and are very proud of how it came out! We know you'll find some songs on here that you enjoy. Please share your thoughts and we hope to meet you at show soon! - Caleb, Tim, and Troy

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“Coming Through”


Newly formed Post Hardcore/Noise-Punk outfit, FAKE HANDS, have just released their first single, "Coming Through". The song is a blistering rock track that blends the hard hitting 90s sound with the gritty no-frills instrumentation of 80s punk.

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Voyager Of A Daydream

by The Endorphins

We are The Endorphins, a psych-punk band in Boston, and our new album 'Nothing Is Real' is out November 11.

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Complex Wave

by Anxious Wave

We are a post-punk/noise rock band from Providence, RI. We have recently finished recording our first full length album, shared the stage with bands across many genres including ‘68, Today Is The Day, Pentagram, Torche, High Command, The Proletariat, indicative of our genre-bending sound. Check it!

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by Toronto Blessings

Hi we're Toronto Blessings! A Noise Rock group from Barnsley. Our new single LiFE is a short sharp punch to the gut. It's about getting the point across with brevity and sincerity.Life is lyrically inspired by seeking improvement always leading to a feeling a sense of failure, but being honest.

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By The Power Of Barnard Castle

by Those Fucking Snowflakes

Blackpool based noise punks Those Fuckign Snowflakes release Dominic Cummings baiting video for By The Power Of Barnard Castle, taken from forthcoming EP 'Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd' out in January on Louder Than War Records

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Object Permanence

by Strangelight

We're Strangelight from Oakland, CA. Our debut album, Adult Themes was released on October 23rd. This track, Object Permanence, is one of my favorites on the album. A blast to play live, and an example of the benefits of not overthinking things. Not that we're ever in danger of that.

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by Moaning

What happens when an abrasive rock trio trades guitars for synths, cranks up the beats and leans into the everyday anxieties of simply being a functioning human in the 21st century? The answer is 'Uneasy Laughter', the sensational second Sub Pop release from Los Angeles-based Moaning.

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Shitty City, Baby


Punk Rock from the European Union! This track you're (hopefully) listening to is from our debut album out on December 13th. We like chunky riffs, gang vocals, sub-par production and being cross at the Tories so if you're into any of that then you'll probably love us!

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Gotta Gotta Gotta

by SUE

Our wails and whines, our distorted tones and frantic rhythms, our noise and our shrieks will grip you from start to finish. We embrace the chaos that lies within all creativity; we love what we do and have a fantastic time doing it.

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SUE is a Noise Rock/Post-Punk/Punk Rock band from the West Midlands, England. Known for their wild performances and scratchy punk sound, they have been parading around with confidence and an obvious passion for what they do.

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Mob Wife

Hey guys, we're Mob Wife from Belfast, we've been playing together since August of last year. The song linked is our latest double single but the first song is really the star of the show. It's a song about false sincerity in the "woke" world. Hope you enjoy!

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Hey you, we are DOGMATIC, we make loud music and with think you'd like it. It's sat somewhere between garage rock and punk, but we'll let you make up your own mind. A friend said this track sounds like if Limp Bizkit were garage punk. We still don't know if that was a compliment or not...

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We are INNADAZE from Bradford in the UK. Our sound is sometimes bleak, but realistic moods with a collision of thick fuzzy guitar riffs, that draws from hardcore blister, dream punk and raucous cusp-of-90s grunge & indie rock.

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Jo Passed

The Vancouver-based quartet are releasing their debut album 'Their Prime' on May 25th via Sub Pop records. This is the second single to be unveiled from the record.

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