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Sensory Overload

by Rawbots

Hey Everyone! We are the Rawbots from Norwich in the UK! We have just released our debut EP of All Killer and No Filler Punk Madness and Mayhem! It's called Sensory Overload and This is the title track from it! It's loud, Fast, Relentless and has an extremely memorable chorus!, We hope you love it!

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Too Fast

by Alpha Pet

On second single "Too Fast" the new Swedish post-punk band Alpha Pet takes listener on a dark, suggestive hunt through the jungle of life. The huge sounding track revolves around the mysterious and pulsating (sexy!) feeling that the bass, drums and leather whip produce.

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U Against U


This is a single off of our upcoming album 'Toil in the Time of Monsters' (Due out June 10th). It's a noisy post punk-psych trip that touches on themes of alienation, anxiety and trauma driven by social conditioning under late capitalism, a situation where you are routinely pitted against yourself.

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by Alien Virus

This is an older song from Alien Virus in 2011 but I do it now in the Cal Crilly Collective. My Youtube link the Orbiting song is attached to has over 300 live and home made punk, alternative videos from Brisbane bands going back to the mid 1980's which people may enjoy, thanks

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Multiply The Stillness

by At The Heart Of The World

Hey! My band At The Heart Of The World just put out a new EP called Sorrow Uncoils, we are an Industrial/Dark EBM band with a strong background in DIY punk, hardcore and metal.

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Complex Wave

by Anxious Wave

We are a post-punk/noise rock band from Providence, RI. We have recently finished recording our first full length album, shared the stage with bands across many genres including ‘68, Today Is The Day, Pentagram, Torche, High Command, The Proletariat, indicative of our genre-bending sound. Check it!

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by The Wraith

We had a blast reimagining the UK Subs classic "Warhead" for a split cassingle with UK deathrock legends Screaming Dead. You can grab it by subscription from Plain Disguise Records or from The Wraith's Bandcamp. Cheers!

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Hey Guys, we're a post punk band from North Wales. We're readying to release our 2nd EP, feauring this song 'Malkovich' and 'Dreams' that follows. Our last EP was BBC Radio Wales Top sounds of 2016 by Adam Walton, a Louder Than War article described us as a band that 'Will bring down governments'.

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From the Blow

by Rites of Hadda

We're Rites of Hadda! A London based anarcho-pagan-gothic-psychedelic witchpunk band, formed from a weekly jam session at a north London squat. Drawing inspiration from our diverse tastes we play a blend of heads-down occult-tinged street punk rock, with a melodic, pop edge.

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Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

We're Who Killed Nancy Johnson? We stand at the front when you're playing and at the back when the small talk starts. 'Pretending to Like People' is what happens when we try to make conversation.

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The Woodsman

No morals, no talent, just 3 utter c***s. The Woodsman were formed in the summer of 2018 from a desire to create dirty and disturbing music, forgoing the trappings of a bass player our music is simple, heavy, groovy, fuzzy, fast and fun.

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VOID // GIST 's dark timbre conjures up images of a white winter landscape. Consisting of bass, drums and guitar, their sound is transcending genre, mainly resides between post-punk and cold wave, interspersed with psychedelic ambience.

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Shut It

SHUT IT are a UK Protest band formed in 2016 writing classic style Punk/ Pop songs with a bit of sarcasm. This Song is about the problem of fame at an early age

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