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British Petroleum

by TV Party

We are TV Party from Ventura, Ca. "British Petroleum" is a single off of our new LP "Psychic Driving". We hope you enjoy the song and want to listen to the rest of the record :-)

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Pang - du är död!

by Vacum

This is our first 7" single since 1984. A track that we played on national Tv but never recorded. In 2019 we finally re-worked it and did it for our labels 40-years anniversary. A track that have been out most popular track so we had to made it on vinyl. Back to our roots and a great time!

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The High Country

by Haloes

I am a digital sound artist equally partisan to the worlds of rock/pop, classical, & avant-garde music. I present here a track from my post-art punk project Haloes - a thrasher called The High Country - dense layered guitar textures here, kinda like Needles in the Camels Eye meshed with Sonic Youth.

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Western Europe

by Captain Average

Hello, we are Captain Average from Budapest, Hungary and this is our song 'Western Europe' from our first self-released LP 'Heaven Capitulates'. Western Europe is an angry and distracted song about the country's self-identity and politics gone wrong.

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by hangnails

Greetings humans and non-humans of the extended Punktastic Universe. This song is from an EP we made in 2017. It's about the unsettling encroachment of the manipulative digital advertising world into our personal lives. It has electric guitar and piano, which we all know is a winning combination.

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Effigy Envy

by Sea of Limbs

We are Sea of Limbs, a collaborative project between members of Portsmouth bands Battery Hens and Noyo Mathis. We developed and recorded these songs between 2017 - 2018 as a studio project, and finally released it on April 2nd, 2021.

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back to normal

by Paranoid Visions

Hey... we are Paranoid Visions.... we are the longest serving punk rock band that Ireland has produced! We also have an alternative identity as Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions where we have teamed up with the Crass vocalist to record 3 albums and 3 singles!

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by Low Praise

Low Praise's music is infused with nods to 70’s post punk while bringing new hook-filled energy to their sound. The video was shot and edited remotely during lockdown, using footage from video artist McHank plus images from the band members’ phones. Enjoy!

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Hello, we are ALL HITS from Portland Oregon and we're stoked to share this song Blockhead with you since it's the first song from our upcoming LP on Iron Lung Records! Thanks a million.

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by Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

We're a four piece from Reading with a good reputation live but less so for recordings. We got fed with sterile, polite studios. So we spent £400 on DIY gear and booked a village hall in Oxfordshire for a weekend, and recorded an album. I SEE SIX is out June 2020. This is the second track.

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Book Of Shame

Book of Shame is Pete Boyd Maclean (Award-winning video director and co-creator of New Orders ‘Blue Monday’ amongst others) and Gary Bridgewood (Multi-Instrumentalist who has toured the world with acts like The Real Tuesday Weld, Michelle Stodart))

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Red Mass

This is Montreal art punk collective Red Mass with over 100 collaborators. 'Kilrush Drive" is our latest surreal post punk odyssey produced by Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes), Mingo L'indien (Les Georges Leningrad) and producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Herbie Hancock)

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Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

We're Who Killed Nancy Johnson? We stand at the front when you're playing and at the back when the small talk starts. 'Pretending to Like People' is what happens when we try to make conversation.

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The Slumdogs

The Blackpool lights just started shining brighter with the introduction of The Slumdogs. Freshly signed to Gary Powell’s (The Libertines) label 25 Hour Convenience Store, the 4-piece are about to release their debut 6-track EP ‘Where’s Your Sanity?’ this November 16th!

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Mr Wu's Pigs

Hi there. Mr Wu's Pigs takes the DIY punk ethic fully to heart by being, essentially, a solo project with occasional collaborators. "No Apologies" is the opening track from debut album IT IS WHAT IT IS, which came out at the end of September. Thanks for listening! xoink

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Rad Max

Rad Max is a hard-edged trash pop band from Portland, OR. Voted most likely to play the music for a training montage in a Stallone flick, they sing preposterous and catchy songs about mall culture, neurological disorders, ghosts, Tom Hanks movies, and love.

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