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Please enjoy our incredible post hardcore noise rock blaster from Russia!

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by Plymouth Breeze

What's up everyone! This is Plymouth Breeze from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This track was inspired by a '97 Plymouth Breeze that bit the dust and is indefinitely in park. Using odd time signatures and harmony with a pop/punk sensibility, 'Plymouth' aims to capture the emotions of the human experience.

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by Fret!

Hello, We are Fret! - Rob Woodcock (drums / vocals), Cath Tyler (bass / vocals) and Steve Strode (guitar). 3 'heart of darkness' fuzz monsters riding a tidal wave up the Tyne to soundtrack a Mexican bar brawl. This track is taken from our 2nd album, 'A Vanity Spawned By Fear'. Play loud & enjoy!

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Punish the Poor

by Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

We're Who Killed Nancy Johnson? and this is our reading of what the Conservative Party manifesto is careful not to say.

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I Am a Man

by The Battery Farm

We are The Battery Farm, a Gutter Punk band from Manchester. This is our second single 'I Am a Man', a song about being crushed under the weight of your own mental health and societal preconceptions. It's a personal and compassionate piece of work and we hope you like it.

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Stop Being Dickheads To Each Other

by Those Fucking Snowflakes

Those F***ing Snowflakes are a vibrant clash of political punk, hardcore rock and math rock. Formed merely as a vessel to shout out the feelings of anxiety and dread we all face in modern society everyday.

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Reborn Against

by Which Witch

Which Witch are 4 friends from NJ and this is our self-titled debut or "demo" ep released October 5, 2019 The words to Reborn Against are pretty straight forward and it feels like an anthem of revolution, resolution & redemption from whatever someone’s particular demons may be.

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We like making rockin' tunes with lots of distortion!

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Riviera Kid

Three friends who all have June birthdays and play angry melodic music. We're received comparisons to Nirvana, NoMeansNo, Fugazi, Mudhoney, Petrol Girls, and Pizzatramp

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SUE is a Noise Rock/Post-Punk/Punk Rock band from the West Midlands, England. Known for their wild performances and scratchy punk sound, they have been parading around with confidence and an obvious passion for what they do.

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Grim Streaker

An explosion of angular, post-punk from Brooklyn, NY.

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Pamplemousse is a noisy punk trio, with their second album "Hig Strung" to be out on April 19th, they continue to craft their style: nervous, savage with noisy punk gems.

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Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

We're Who Killed Nancy Johnson? We stand at the front when you're playing and at the back when the small talk starts. 'Pretending to Like People' is what happens when we try to make conversation.

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The Empty Page

We are The Empty Page, a fuzzy, melodic trio from drizzly Manchester. We like listening to noisy indie rock, giggling about stupid things in transit vans and jumping around on low stages in sweaty basements. Our new song When The Cloud Explodes is about inevitable rainy day creativity in the North.

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The Woodsman

No morals, no talent, just 3 utter c***s. The Woodsman were formed in the summer of 2018 from a desire to create dirty and disturbing music, forgoing the trappings of a bass player our music is simple, heavy, groovy, fuzzy, fast and fun.

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We are INNADAZE from Bradford in the UK. Our sound is sometimes bleak, but realistic moods with a collision of thick fuzzy guitar riffs, that draws from hardcore blister, dream punk and raucous cusp-of-90s grunge & indie rock.

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Hey, we're a three piece anarchist post-punk band from Brighton. Herded is our latest single, its a song about the alienating drudgery of commuting. We hope it resonates with you.

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A Storm Of Light

A Storm of Light share a new track entitled "Prime Time" taken from their fifth full length Anthroscene, to be released via Consouling Sounds (EU and UK) 5th October. EU tour dates with Mono start 1st Oct, full info here:

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Smokin' on Planes

We're a melodic, garage rock trio from Washington, DC that's often compared to The Replacements and Ryan Adams. We also get compared to garage bands veering toward the pop-punk/catchy end of the spectrum.

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We're NUGGIEZ, a noise-punk act inspired equally by old school hardcore, post-punk and noise rock. We're based on the peripheries of Auckland's punk rock scene, in the North Island of New Zealand. Our new EP covers the ominous implications of late-capitalism through 5 tracks.

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