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Six-Figure Sum


The heavy-glam closer to MFMB's new long-player, all sneer and bitter pomp, goose-stepping through the corridors of Goldman Sachs and right over the album's burgeoning sense of hope. Like The Doors' apocalyptic farewell to the 60s, 'The End,' via Michael Gira's worst hangover.

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“When God Used a Rope”

by Buñuel

"WHEN GOD USED A ROPE" is out now anticipating our third album - Killers Like Us - arriving on 18th Feb 2022 via Profound Lore Records & La Tempesta. It's going to be unforgiving, merciless, beautiful.

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Effigy Envy

by Sea of Limbs

We are Sea of Limbs, a collaborative project between members of Portsmouth bands Battery Hens and Noyo Mathis. We developed and recorded these songs between 2017 - 2018 as a studio project, and finally released it on April 2nd, 2021.

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He's Dead Jim


Birthed from the Miami underground scene, SAAVIK is a punk/metal/industrial "supergroup" of sorts. Its members are or have been involved in influential groups including Holly Hunt, Bleeth, Laboratory, Haochi, Beings, Cavity, and Floor.

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BIG | BRAVE are releasing their fourth full length "A Gaze Among Them" on Southern Lord, 10 May. Exploring the terrains of experimental rock with a clear focus on the key principles of space, volume, and raw emotion and the balance of these dynamics.

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