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Don't Waste Tonight

by McBain feat. Streuner

McBain is a punk rock power trio formed in 2015 in Milan, Italy. Don’t Waste Tonight, feat. Streuner, emerging stars of the German Disco Punk scene, is a blend of disco vibes, punk distortion, and catchy melodies.

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by Vini Vicious

We are Vini Vicious, your favorite Rock\Tragic Pop band from Tel-Aviv! "Vultures" is the 2nd single off of our upcoming EP "Atelophobia" (out May 10th). It's a tall tale about simple truths, off of our own experiences.

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Cult 45

by TrumpCard

We are TrumpCard; your essential middle finger to the SCROTUS! We take bitter shots at current social and political issues; often using direct quotes from the SCROTUS. This is our brand new album release, "Cult 45". Enjoy.

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Hello/Tjena! We are Battletruck from Sweden and we play punk rock. We started the band in October 2018 and a self released EP is in the making. "Hit or Miss" is our most sombre song so far and a detour from the d-beat stuff and nihilism. It is about love, that's why we went all soft with it.

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Cutler Station

We are 4 best friends who have been playing music together since we were in high school. We have so many songs, we fear we will never get them all recorded properly. We are all dads and have 10 kids combined. We do everything ourselves from the videos to recording. We love playing music.

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Here is our new cinematic 007 style video for our latest single "Laugh in the Face of Darkness" off of our latest album "Laugh in the Face of Darkness." The third album comes after a nine year hiatus and we want to share with you what madness goes on in our minds.

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Rad Max

Rad Max is a hard-edged trash pop band from Portland, OR. Voted most likely to play the music for a training montage in a Stallone flick, they sing preposterous and catchy songs about mall culture, neurological disorders, ghosts, Tom Hanks movies, and love.

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