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Black Friar

by Shop Talk

Hey y'all, we're Shop Talk from Brooklyn and we'd like to share this track Black Friar off our debut EP The Offering. It's dark and reminiscent of early punk and a really good song to eat corn dogs to! Get into it.

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Pang - du är död!

by Vacum

This is our first 7" single since 1984. A track that we played on national Tv but never recorded. In 2019 we finally re-worked it and did it for our labels 40-years anniversary. A track that have been out most popular track so we had to made it on vinyl. Back to our roots and a great time!

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Chasing Crazy

by Rx27

Rx27 will make you feel things you have never felt before or wish you never did. Our lyrics will rip your beliefs in half, and the choruses will rattle around your head for days. Our goth punk songs tell tales from the dark side of life.

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The Muslims

Yo! We're The Muslims, a thrashy, hard-hitting punk band bringing political humor and tender rage to both halal and haram punks everywhere. We play a mix of classic, hardcore and afropunk influenced stuff. We're just a bunch of cuddly, angry ass, rabid raccoons okay.

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Grim Streaker

An explosion of angular, post-punk from Brooklyn, NY.

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'ang On A Minute' we are called PollyPikPocketz and we have just released our mini album. What's it called again...? Well anyway, you should listen to it, otherwise, we are gonna come round your house and make you listen to it loud and live!

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Hello! We are Guttfull, and we're launching our debut album 'Tits and Nails' on 10 November. We are led by Samoan powerhouse Momoe, and our songs are ragefull, celebratory, powerful, glittery punk– topics of feminism, anti-racism and domestic violence.

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Hi, we're Fistymuffs. We write songs about the fucked-up nature of late stage capitalism, moving past patriarchal norms and surviving abusive relationships. We're always talking about getting matching jackets some day, but can't decide on the colour.

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Mod Hippie

Mod Hippie is an L.A. garage pop collective fronted by singer/songwriter Doug McGuire and backed by three generations of L.A. pop tradition, including alumni from The Beach Boys, X and the Standells. Their third album, WANNABE NOBODY, comes out on October 5th and is available for pre-order now.

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