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New Beginnings

by Yur Mum

Yur Mum is a powerhouse duo with a vibrant fusion of rock, punk and noise with tropical vibes. 'New Beginnings' is an empowering and anthemic modern rock track for fans of Paramore, Turnstile, Deftones, and it's been on Spotify’s All New Rock, The Punk List, Shockwave playlists.

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Obey! (We Won't!)

by The 30s

We're The 30s, a Pop-Punk band out to prove that punks don't have to get old! Professionals by Day and Rock Stars by night! To celebrate Labor Day, we released "Obey! (We Won't!)" - a high-energy, punky protest song aimed at supporting the striking workers around the world.‚Äč We're a two-piece band.

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Trailer Thrash

by Misfit Saints

Hey Punktastic! This past December 2022, punk trio Misfit Saints released our debut double-single entitled "Greetings From Nowhere" We are excited to share our musical debauchery with others and hope you dig the music! Thank you for your time and consideration Peace, Punk, Party! -Carly Quinn

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by theWorst

Portland, ME indie-punk/emo trio theWorst are back with their newest single "Monomania" — Check it out and catch them on their US tour this Spring and Summer.

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by The Meffs

OI OI, ITS THE MEFFS. We are noisy, we have a lot to say, and our songs are short, so if you don't like it, you can listen twice just to make sure. 'YOU'LL SEE' is the first in a string of 2021 releases, taking a jab at various societal views. You know what to do. UP THE MEFFS!

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One Horse Mind

by Vulpynes

We are Vulpynes, a 2 piece fuzzy punk rock band from Dublin, Ireland. This track 'One Horse Mind' is from our third EP 'Us Against Them'. We had hoped the four tracks would be part of our debut album, but since Covid stopped the recording dead in its tracks.. we decided to release what we had!

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Bossman Says

by Pigeon's Pocket

Remember when all the old farts said punk was dead? Well sure enough they haven't heard the last of it yet. We're here to bring you Riot Grrrl our way! We just released our first EP and would love you to have listen! Thanks!

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Tik Tik Tik

by The Bloodstrings

We are The Bloodstrings, a non-stop touring (almost) German Punkabilly Band. We have hit most of Europe, from small pub stages to big festivals like Wacken Open Air.

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What's Inside My Heart

by Sklubby

What's good fellow readers!?!? We are Sklubby from Long Island, NY and today is your lucky day! Check out our new song and try not to start a circle pit wherever you may be. Good luck!

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Domino Effect

by Sharp Violet

Hey! We’re Sharp Violet an all female band from Lindenhurst, NY. This is our song Domino Effect inspired by the #MeToo movement and Harvey Weinstein.

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The Mellowdicks

We're the Mellowdicks, dirty punk band from border city Mexicali, Mexico. Check out the new single "Well intended,useless member" from our upcoming album "Irrelevant human problems"

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Tarah Who?

I wrote this song a few years ago after a friendship had ended. Interestingly enough it was and felt like a break-up even though this was never a love relationship in this sense. We were friends. We spent a lot of times on the road sharing stories and opening up.

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The Coathangers

For 12 years, The Coathangers have been building an infallible reputation for chaotic punk rock and visceral live shows, but this sixth LP is a record that captures their established takes on vitriolic punk, playful house-party anthems, and heart-worn ballads and melds them all.

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Hi, we're Fistymuffs. We write songs about the fucked-up nature of late stage capitalism, moving past patriarchal norms and surviving abusive relationships. We're always talking about getting matching jackets some day, but can't decide on the colour.

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Typhoid Rosie

Brooklyn-based Typhoid Rosie delivers punk/indie grit with pop hooks. They've been featured on HuffPost, Paste Magazine, AXS, Buzzfeed, Baeble Music, Punknews, Bad Copy, The Punk Site, The Big Takeover and more. The band has recently charted on indie stations in the UK and Australia, while also gett

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Don't let looks deceive you, we make a hell of lot of noise for 2 people! We're influenced by garage and punk rock, live for playing live and have a debut EP coming out on the 1st of March on Headcheck Records.

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