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Down the Pathway

by Gevaudan Dogs

This is one of two singles from our upcoming debut album called This is the Sound of Gevaudan Dogs. This song is about tackling hardships. The video travels through the journey across Bradford which inspired the song several years ago.

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by Glad We Met

1995 is a classic street punk song. It is an ode to the 90s. It is featured on our self titled debut album, available since Friday Dec. 1 streamable on all platforms

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So Long, Chicago

by Diamonds and Guns

SO LONG, CHICAGO A modern, up beat and a great catchy punkrock song. Both glad and sad story. About the heart, purposefulness and the past.

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Bowery Boys (Feat. Geoff Palmer)

by Cheap Kiss

The third single "Bowery Boys" has finally arrived, ready to blow your punk-loving minds! So grab your leather jacket, turn up the volume, and get ready to be hit with some serious punk rock fury! The Third single from "Bowery Boys" is here, and it's gonna knock you off your feet!

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Trailer Thrash

by Misfit Saints

Hey Punktastic! This past December 2022, punk trio Misfit Saints released our debut double-single entitled "Greetings From Nowhere" We are excited to share our musical debauchery with others and hope you dig the music! Thank you for your time and consideration Peace, Punk, Party! -Carly Quinn

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Kill Me First

by The Jack Knives

The Jack Knives are a 4 piece, British fronted melodic punk band from Anaheim CA. The new single is called "Kill Me First" and is a catchy, upbeat song about optimism amongst insecure romance.

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Fox Den Fun Times

by Dave Eats Mud

Nature, aggression, and melody had a love child, and they named it Dave Eats Mud. Our music is your generic 4-on-the-floor mid tempo poppy punk, kinda like an unfunny version of the Vandals, an uninspiring Social Distortion, or a non-terrifying Misfits.

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Natural Disaster

by Springless

Hey, we are Springless from Prague, Czech Republic. We have just released our very first EP - Natural Disaster. Check it out and see ya in the pit!

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by Jet Packs

We're Jet Packs from Vladimir, Russia and we have a new record out (the first in 7 years), full of self-reflection, great melodies, and hooks. Uncertainty is a perfect closer. Probably the best take on the complexity of life in 2022! You're in for a treat!

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Trouble Now

by Dave Graham & The Disaster Plan

Hey Rockers! 'Trouble Now' is the latest single from my new solo album which is out now. Barry Gordy once said "Don't bore us, get to the chorus" and I wholeheartedly agree with him. This album is chock full of infectious anthems that you'll be singing along with from your first listen!

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by Fat Heaven

We're Fat Heaven, a 3 piece punk band, from Brooklyn NY. We spent the last week making this video DIY to have something fun for Halloween. This song is called Tarantula and is available on a split EP we put out today 'Trash & Fat Heaven'. Its streaming everywhere alongside our track "Narc."

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Trayvon Hawkins

by The Suspension

First full length album of tracks ranging from the political to the personal. Angry and passionate songs with sing-along melodies is what you’ll get from us!

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No u

by Nick G.

So, I'm a 16 year old punk rock musician from San Antonio Texas. This track came from a back and forth challenge of who could come up with the strongest way to say "No u". I think after listening to this track, You'll see that I won the challenge ;).

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Nothing New Today

by Mr. Fartface

Hey guys! We're Mr. Fartface, a punk rock band hailing from Belgium. We've just dropped our new single and video, “Nothing New Today”. If you're into bands such as Bad Religion, Authority Zero or Pennywise... Check us out! :)

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We're Not Alone

by Pezz

Unable to mark our 30th anniversary with a live show because of the pandemic, we're releasing this new song and video in solidarity with the outrage over the killing of George Floyd and the demand for greater transparency by the police.

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Highway Rats


Hey!! We are BRAINCOATS, a Punk Rock 'n' Roll band from Sweden. This is our new single "Highway Rats" from our upcoming EP. It's an upbeat fun song about being out on tour. Living through the amazing and challenging moments with your best friends in life. Take a listen and tell us what you think!

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by D16

D16 are a female fronted punk rock band from Athens, Greece. Solidarity is a song about how today's economic and political instability causes public fear, which fuels public outrage. It mainly criticizes the cynical, somewhat cold attitude of politicians towards people's suffering.

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Trusty Chorus

by Lee Resistant & The Lost

My name is Lee, and I used to front a band called Fletcher on Deck Cheese Records. I've been living in Canada for the last 13 years, raising my son, and this is my new band...Lee Resistant & The Lost. Check out our latest single Trusty Chorus

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Dear Hearts

by Dear Hearts

Hey guys, this track is what we're about, the feeling of playing in a band, breaking the band up, missing it big time and getting back together stronger than ever. it's the very first track of our new EP 'Old shirts'. We really hope you'll love it!

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by Crimson Riot

Hurt is our second single and second music video we shot. The song is about sleazy people in the music industry who just want to take advantage of women and make them into something they are not. Roxy Gunn used personal experiences while writing this song. Enjoy and check out the video on Youtube

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