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Hey Folks, We are the FIRE ANTS FROM URANUS and we play melodic punk rock. On May 26th 2023 we will release our new Album PIZZA SUPERNOVA on LP/CD-Digipak and all digital platforms. Nine melodic punk rock songs full of dynamics, speed, humor and a sprinkle of pop punk.

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King Of Regret

by My Heart Your Thunder

I'm Greg and My Heart Your Thunder is a solo(ish) project. I used to make electronic music but recently returned to playing guitar. I've worked hard over the last three years and with the help of my friend John on drums, we made an album! This is the title track from our debut, hope you enjoy!

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by Crooked King

Crooked King is a new 4 piece punk rock band from Toronto, Canada. TVAngelica is the first single off our debut album being release 4:20 that includes 10 other tracks that vary from hardcore, surfer rock and other forms of all things Rock n Roll. Thanks for listening!

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by The Upshot

The Upshot are a new punk band from the south of England delivering high octane melodic punk. Speaking about the debut single 'Detoxstaycation', guitarist Matt Spracklen says, “It’s angsty and fast and written at a point during lockdown when I was climbing the walls to get out".

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Swimming With Sharks

by No Breakfast Goodbye

Hi y'all! We're No Breakfast Goodbye, a high energy poppy skate-punk (or was it skatey poppunk) band from the Netherlands! Our newest single Swimming with Sharks is a very catchy, melodic tune! Hope you dig it!

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Michael Chiklis After All

by Vin Proxima

Hi this is Vin Proxima, go check out my latest single 'Michael Chiklis After All', it's a tongue-in-cheek track about the age-old problem of confusing bald celebrities with each other, watch the video and see if you can spot some of your favourite baldies!

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Over You

by frick.

Frick is a garage/lo-fi punk rock band from a bedroom closet in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was started in October 2020 and since then, they've released 8 EPs, 5 cassettes, a couple one-off singles, and they show no signs of stopping. Their latest EP came out on 1/20/23.

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Exponential Decay (EP)

by Zero Cost

We’re a three piece melodic punk band from Hull, UK. This is our debut EP and we want you to listen to it with the volume up.

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Hate City

by Grindle

Hey, y’all! Grindle is a 90s hardcore punk band based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. We’ve all played in different bands until we formed this one. Hate City is a track about the police state and we hope you dig it!

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Find Us

by SortCuts!

This is the 1st single off of our first s/t E.P.

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Social Hangover

by Freedumb

Norwegian punk rock/hardcore trio Freedumb is back from the Covid hiatus, with the new album “Social Hangover” on Fucking North Pole Records. “Social Hangover” is Freedumb’s most varied to this date and musically spanning from hardcore with black metal elements to more melodic punk rock.

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Team Work

by Dan & The Gummy Hunters

Dan & The Gummy hunters is a Punk rock project heavily influenced by the California early 90’s. Their second album “Team Work” it is just out of the oven, Recorded in-between September 2021 and March 2022 the album has ten songs of pure nostalgic 90’s Punk Rock.

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by Conversion Therapy

Queer Pop Punk from Norway with a dash of Hip-Hop influence, a 2020’s anthem on the social media media chokehold we’re under, through the lens of BDSM tinged references, from our upcoming EP, Long Nights out October 7th Recorded and mixed ourselves, mastered by Defeater’s Jay Maas.

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by Wasted History

Hey Folk we are Wasted History. And lately we've been mucking around with some Punk Rock and came up with a few gems we'll be releasing throughout the year. This is the first nugget and it's called 'Postmouth'. We hope you dig it \m/.

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The Getaway (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake)

by Underachiever

We are a punk rock band from London, England. We've just released 'The Getaway (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake)', the first single from our debut record 'Going Nowhere, And I'm Taking You With Me' which drops later this year. The song is about escaping the mundanity of normality.

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Leave The Seat Up

by No Breakfast Goodbye

Hey there, we're No Breakfast Goodbye from the Netherlands, and this is our newest track 'Leave The Seat Up'! It's an up-tempo skate/pop punk tune about how the power of friendship conquers all! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Let's Go Home

by KD Knows My Name

Hello There! We are KD Knows My Name, a 3-piece Punk band from Swansea, UK. This single Let's Go Home is our first release in over a year, and its a big energy Pop Punk tune with a big chant along chorus and relatable lyrics for any band in their local scene.

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Kindness Coins

by Chad Calamity & the Cars That Go Backwards

We are a 3 piece punk band from London. Our latest single Kindness Coins is coming out at the end of July and is all about misogynists, incels and MGTOW types, who call themselves nice guys. It's angry, like all our songs

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Natural Disaster

by Springless

Hey, we are Springless from Prague, Czech Republic. We have just released our very first EP - Natural Disaster. Check it out and see ya in the pit!

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