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Team Work

by Dan & The Gummy Hunters

Dan & The Gummy hunters is a Punk rock project heavily influenced by the California early 90’s. Their second album “Team Work” it is just out of the oven, Recorded in-between September 2021 and March 2022 the album has ten songs of pure nostalgic 90’s Punk Rock.

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by Conversion Therapy

Queer Pop Punk from Norway with a dash of Hip-Hop influence, a 2020’s anthem on the social media media chokehold we’re under, through the lens of BDSM tinged references, from our upcoming EP, Long Nights out October 7th Recorded and mixed ourselves, mastered by Defeater’s Jay Maas.

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by Wasted History

Hey Folk we are Wasted History. And lately we've been mucking around with some Punk Rock and came up with a few gems we'll be releasing throughout the year. This is the first nugget and it's called 'Postmouth'. We hope you dig it \m/.

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The Getaway (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake)

by Underachiever

We are a punk rock band from London, England. We've just released 'The Getaway (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake)', the first single from our debut record 'Going Nowhere, And I'm Taking You With Me' which drops later this year. The song is about escaping the mundanity of normality.

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Leave The Seat Up

by No Breakfast Goodbye

Hey there, we're No Breakfast Goodbye from the Netherlands, and this is our newest track 'Leave The Seat Up'! It's an up-tempo skate/pop punk tune about how the power of friendship conquers all! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Let's Go Home

by KD Knows My Name

Hello There! We are KD Knows My Name, a 3-piece Punk band from Swansea, UK. This single Let's Go Home is our first release in over a year, and its a big energy Pop Punk tune with a big chant along chorus and relatable lyrics for any band in their local scene.

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Kindness Coins

by Chad Calamity & the Cars That Go Backwards

We are a 3 piece punk band from London. Our latest single Kindness Coins is coming out at the end of July and is all about misogynists, incels and MGTOW types, who call themselves nice guys. It's angry, like all our songs

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Natural Disaster

by Springless

Hey, we are Springless from Prague, Czech Republic. We have just released our very first EP - Natural Disaster. Check it out and see ya in the pit!

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by No Matter

No Matter are a melodic skate/pop punk band from N.Ireland and this is "Brickwall" the first track from their band new album "Bad Chemistry" out now on vinyl and all digital media platforms!

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Dreadlocks in the Alley

by Scumbags

Scumbags is a punk rock band from Brazil founded in 2017. Relying heavily on their references, which range from classic punk like NOFX and Ramones, to something more “recent” like Green Day and Blink-182, Scumbags band produced a fast and straightforward setlist that drives their show.

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by No Matter

Hi! Our new album "Bad Chemistry" is out on July 1st! Shitegeist is the last single before its released and you can pre-order it on vinyl now from Brassneck Records! Thank you!

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In Spite of You

by No Matter

Hi! We're No Matter! This is the second single from our upcoming album and was one of the last tracks to be written for it! Cat dropped it on us a few weeks before heading into the studio, just to keep everyone on their toes. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

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Kentucky Gentleman

by Elliott Rubin

Elliott Rubin is a musician, poet, artist etc. from Stone Mountain, Ga now in Cumming, Ga working out of the punk & poet cut and color co.

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I Work The Line

by Feels Goodman

Yoo! This is the 1st song off a 5 track concept EP I made. The song is about the oldest story known to man: grinding it out in music only to find yourself working in kitchens in your 30s. The EP goes though that journey using familiar 90s Pop Punk conventions. Hope you like it :D

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It's Boring

by No Matter

Hi everyone! We're No Matter and this is our new single It's Boring! We recorded it last year while playing a lot of SNES mini, and watched Hellraiser, Event Horizon and too much Judge Judy. Some cows came up to the window to at one point, they must have liked what they heard. We hope you do too!

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No Humanity

by The Little Rock

After 13 years since the last full album in 2009, The Little Rock released a single called "No Humanity". A single that tells about the anxiety of someone who is pressured by government policies during this Pandemic.

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by Snumen

Hey folks, we're Snumen from Germany (Bavaria) and this is the pre single "2084" of our upcoming EP "No Way Out", which is the first chapter of our concept album "The Aftermath". It's a fast paced punk track with some small screams and a long slow outro.

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Moving Up

by Zero Cost

Zero Cost are a punk power trio from the city of Hull in the UK. This song is about a father's anxieties about his son starting a new school.

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Hugs On Drugs

by Trophy Jump

We're Trophy Jump, an indie punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. Hugs on Drugs is an emo punk-rock ballad about social anxieties connected to endless partying and ignoring responsibilities. It describes a regret of emotional distance tied with drug abuse and sleepless nights.

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Back Pedal

by Forever Dead!

Hey Ho! How's it going folks? Punk band Forever Dead! released their new album "Pretending We're Surviving" this past April. The track uploaded here is called Backpedal, it is the first tune on the album and really sets it off like a bomb. Check out the wicked tune from a deadly band.

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