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Bands and new music for fans of Screeching Weasel

Night Rain

by Deeper Blue

Deeper Blue's mission is to musically orchestrate feelings experienced in dreams. Not just any dream, but the ones that linger and haunt us over time.

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Let's Be Bad

by Cash Registers

Cash Registers are a bunch of New York City cranks who play raw, melodic punk to the dwindling number of humans who prefer live music to the company of their phones. 'Let's Be Bad' was released 11/19. A 3rd full-length is due in 2020.

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Grimetime is a new band of dumb guys singing songs about robots, romance, and rough nights. Taking a page from The Ramones songbook, their output is pretty simple, aside from the harmonized guitars. They wanna catch their crushes eye, drink another beer, and bop the night away.

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Lynch The Landlord

Hey Punktastic fans, this is Mike and I’m Lynch The Landlord and this is my first ever release. It’s fun, fast, loud, and angry! The way punk was meant to be played...Enjoy!

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Hey! We are Bird Nerds Avem and this is the first song we ever wrote. It is called 'Blue Jay', and we think it will have you singing along in no time. Get it? Singing along? Did we mention we sing about birds?

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