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by Neat Mentals

Est. 2015, in Germany. Something between Pop-Punk, 77 Punk, melodic Skatepunk and a some Metal. We love playing and meeting new people! Loneliness is about trying to get things done but beeing paralyzed by the many options, ending up doing nothing in a world full of selfish people.

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by Taken By Vultures

Hey Everyone! We are Taken By Vultures from Boston. We write some form of punk rock. It changes frequently, but the lyrical style remains the same -Stupid lyrics about ridiculous ideas or pop culture. "Zuul" is about Louis Tully being in love with Dana Barrett from Ghostbusters. You get the picture.

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Dirty Mouth

by The Lockdowns

Hi Punktastic! We are The Lockdowns, a pop punk band from swampy Houston, TX. This is our first EP, we'd love for y'all to give it some love. Thanks!

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Die Young

by the Cola Heads

"....Sit back, relax and turn it the fuck up!!!" - Julian Swift (lead singer & rhythm guitar for The Cola Heads)

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Rewind Erase

by Red Light Rebels

Just a little bit about us. With fast punchy guitar riffs and melodic dual vocals, the Rebels sound like the hay-day of Epitaph Records. We draw influence from the likes of Bouncing Souls, Teenage Bottle Rocket and Millencolin while retaining the raw feel of the UK punk scene. Cheers RLR xxx

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Wake Up

by Basement Sound

We are five dads who love to play music together. What we love the most is getting our songs inside of people's domes and hearing them sing back to us on stage.

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We're Bankrupt from Budapest, Hungary. We've been around for over 20 years. Our main influences are the Ramones and The Clash as well as a hundred more recent punk rock bands including Teenage Bottlerocket, The Briefs or the Living end.

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Melisandre's Beaver

Formed in early 2016, Melisandre's Beaver are a 3 piece punk band from Kent. Named after a lengthy 'you had to be there at the time' joke from our mate Tom, Melisandre's Beaver released our debut EP in 2017. Our debut album, 'If Only We Were Serious' releases 31st July 2018.

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Hey! We are Bird Nerds Avem and this is the first song we ever wrote. It is called 'Blue Jay', and we think it will have you singing along in no time. Get it? Singing along? Did we mention we sing about birds?

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Of Mountains And Seas

Hi, we are "Of Mountains And Seas", a three piece Punk Rock band from Bavaria and Austria. We released a 4 track EP in december 2017 and though it's called "Dracula", it's far from being gloomy. Give it a spin and hopefully you'll like it!

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