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Hello/Tjena! We are Battletruck from Sweden and we play punk rock. We started the band in October 2018 and a self released EP is in the making. "Hit or Miss" is our most sombre song so far and a detour from the d-beat stuff and nihilism. It is about love, that's why we went all soft with it.

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SUBVERTER: Fast, aggressive hardcore punk from BC, Canada. 4 song demo from July 2018.

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Bottom Bracket

When you want to hear some punk rock really bad - we play some really bad punk rock!

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Zero Negative

Zero Negative are a punk rock band from Sunderland, UK. They were formed in the summer of 2017 by guitarist Dean Allen and drummer Callum Hewitt. After several weeks of writing and rehearsing they recruited vocalist Jimmy Gage and were joined shortly after by bassist Jon Saxby and former No Cross gu

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