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My Valentine

by Love Hearts

Hi, I'm Mikel (The Lemonaids, The Hallingtons) and Love Hearts is my powerpop-punk side project. Short and sweet love songs, lots of harmonies, inspired by bands from Ramones to Smoking Popes. This track is the first of some new songs to release in 2024, also featuring Mike from DeeCRACKS on drums.

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Lost Again

by Duncan Reid and the Big Heads

The best looking power pop punk band bring you our 5th album which is the usual mix of great tunes and great playing, celebrating life, love, regrets, confusion, hope, glory, idiots, genius and clean underwear. Don't listen to it, kiddies: it's addictive.

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All You'll Ever Be

by Scott O'Brien

After playing in punk bands for almost 30 years, I've released my first solo EP, "In The Garage". This song is a single from the release and a commentary on the absolute shitshow we've been living in since 2020.

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Power of the Free

by The Bonstones

Veterans of the SF Bay Area music scene formed The Bonstones amid a shared love for pop punk ala Ramones and The Mr. T Experience among others. Their first two music videos have been well received so far and are garnering a lot of attention.

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Demon Let me go

by the Cola Heads

The Cola Heads just released a wicked new full length titled "Bottoms Up" out on Toronto's premiere punk rock imprint Cursed Blessings records.

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Budget Beach

by Maggot House

Maggot House is a D.I.Y. punk project of Brooklyn-based musician Broose Young. Born of a love for The Misfits & The Spits, a decade of 80s Horror movies & the best Halloweens imaginable. 'Budget Beach’ is an ode to beach movies where outcasts, underdogs, nerds & punks-go-wild. Surfs up, punk!

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The Vast of Night

by Mars Addict

I'm Rolf, the bassist. THE VAST OF NIGHT was inspired by the movie of the same name (available on Prime Video) and it reproduces the tension and mistery behind an unexpected event in a quiet and small city - but with a catchy chorus. The song will be part of our second album.

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Bowery Boys (Feat. Geoff Palmer)

by Cheap Kiss

The third single "Bowery Boys" has finally arrived, ready to blow your punk-loving minds! So grab your leather jacket, turn up the volume, and get ready to be hit with some serious punk rock fury! The Third single from "Bowery Boys" is here, and it's gonna knock you off your feet!

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Saturday Nancy

by The Bonstones

“Saturday Nancy” was written as a collaboration between our very own Marky Bonstone (Drums & Vocals) and Timo O’Brian of The Evil O’Brians. The video, directed by one of their good longtime pals Craig Hotti is the first of many to come from East Bay Elegy.

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Brad Pitt is Still Very Handsome

by Linda's Mistake

Linda's Mistake is a punk rock band from Long Island. We play punk rock. The band is comprised of members of other bands such as Filthy Twolips, Quarterlife Crisis, the Shipwrecks. Our debut album "Lumberjack Love" is out now. If you like songs about hard hitting topics, you will love us!

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Flat Joke Psychodriver

by The Westerwaves

The Westerwaves are arguably the most legendary band of the Viennese penguin pop-punk underground scene. Not the mainstream one, the other one, the underground one.

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Tick Tock, the Culture's Dead

by American Thought Criminal

We aim to "Make Punk Anti-Establishment Again". Like this track, a brutish and short takedown of modern TikTok culture, using classic art and infernal imagery to draw a comparison to the deadly sins.

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by The Wirms

We're The Wirms from Memphis, TN. This is our song "Suncreen" from our new album Wirm III. This is our Beach Banger, "Sunscreen". Play it for your sweet-heart next time you hit the sand and dig with The Wirms!

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by Downtown District

We are Downtown District! A young, upcoming punkrockband from the Netherlands. We are proud to present to you our new single 'PRESSURE'. It is fittingly about the pressure we as a band experience in the search for a cemented spot in the twisted world of the musicindustry.

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Laughter In The Dark

by Black Pitts

This track Laughter in the Dark taken from our new album Nevada Jacks is a carefully crafted three minute saga sucked from the marrow of the protagonists ecstasies and woes, culminating in unforgettable ear-worming rock n’ roll haikus.

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Kill Me If I Ever...

by Butchers Bill

Hi, we are Butchers Bill from NYC and this is a cut off of our third album called "American Trash". The name of the song is "Kill Me If I Ever...". Enjoy!!!

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Barbed Wire

by Bottlecap

Hey! We are Bottlecap from Sweden. This is our third single from our upcoming album "Wooden Systems", out in May. Barbed Wire is a Fun, Heavy, Catchy, Fast punch in your face with lots of love. Enjoy!

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Don't Tell Me Goodbye

by McBain feat. Streuner

McBain is punk rock trio based in Milan, Italy. McBain has just release a new album, Hard Being Us. This record is the result of a trilogy of EPs each of them represent one member of the band. "Don't Tell Me Goodbye" is a dance punk track recorded with Streuner Band.

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by Bad Mary

Hey Friends! We're Bad Mary a punk rock band from New York! This song, Addicted was the first single off of our last album, The Return of Space Girl. We first played this song on our tour of Japan in 2019 and its video was shot at a show in Tokyo! Rock on!

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You're Dead To Me

by The Ice Cold Killers

Hey all, we're The Ice Cold Killers and our new single "You're Dead To Me," from our forthcoming album Stories From The Grave, is out now! People come and people go. And the Door is forever revolving..but sometimes you have to kill off characters in your they may never return.

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