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Mean Queen

by Poison Boys

Hey there, We're the Poison Boys, a 1970s punk rock n roll styled band from Chicago that stays true to form. Mean Queen is a raw motorcycle rock/protopunk type hit celebrating bad ass women/queens/sex workers, on our fourth 7" was just released on Chicago's Hobo Wolfman Records.

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The Yalla Yallas

We're a high energy punk rock n roll band from Leeds. We live, breath, and bleed music ... we'll play until our hearts explode. Come to one of our shows and you'll live wild eyed, foaming at the mouth, and howling at the moon.

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Metro Velour

Metro Velour. We come from a small village behind Cannes in thje South of France. Band members are Sebastian Smith, an old London rocker born in 1943. Sebastian was active in the Bristol (UK) rock scene in the 60s (The Granary) and helped design and build the iconic stage at the 100 Club, Oxford Str

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