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Fast Car

by The Getarounds

The Get Arounds have just released their new full-length album, I Wanna Live. Melodic choruses call to mind classics like Nikki and the Corvettes or The Dead Boys. Their female-fronted, angst fills the songs with 90’s style punk-grit that are reminiscent of L7, Bikini Kill or Babes in Toyland.

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Don't Tell Me Goodbye

by McBain feat. Streuner

McBain is punk rock trio based in Milan, Italy. McBain has just release a new album, Hard Being Us. This record is the result of a trilogy of EPs each of them represent one member of the band. "Don't Tell Me Goodbye" is a dance punk track recorded with Streuner Band.

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by Bad Mary

Hey Friends! We're Bad Mary a punk rock band from New York! This song, Addicted was the first single off of our last album, The Return of Space Girl. We first played this song on our tour of Japan in 2019 and its video was shot at a show in Tokyo! Rock on!

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Hooligans shampoo

by Vanity Rose

Hi, my names vanity Rose and I am an up and coming new wave punk singer songwriter and guitarist from Bedford, Bedfordshire. Im aiming to be the spearhead of punk for this generation. Think Debbie Harry meets polystyrene! The world will never been the same again.

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The Fighter

by Rich Girls

A new single, an anthem of low-key defiance. “Fuck bigots, it’s all I thought about this year. If it’s about anything, it’s about that.” All proceeds from Bandcamp digital purchases of the single will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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by Lexytron

Hey guys! This is track no. 5 from my album 'Something Blue' now streaming on Bandcamp! All sales will go to the COVID-19 crisis. The song itself was originally titled 'Node To BJ' as a play on 'Ode To Billie Joe' by Bobby Gentry and a nod to Billie Joe Armstrong, as I felt it had Kerplunk vibes!

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All Talk

by Healthy Junkies

Hiya. This is Healthy Junkies. All Talk is the name of our forthcoming new single. We are calling out the lies, deceit and layer upon layer of Bull Sh#t that people are being subjected to. The fake news, the denials, the empty promises.

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Tell The Vein

by Lexytron

Hey Punktastic! My debut album ‘Something Blue’ is out on 20 March 2020 and is an alternative girl's guide to love, loss and lust. ‘Tell The Vein’ depicts an emotional journey on London's DLR during a melodic slice of power pop.

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by Bugeye

We are a disco punk pop band that loves to blend disco beats with 80s synths, punk pop buzz-saw guitar, punch in the face bass and vocals packed with hooks. Our new single, Electric, is about the fleeting nature of modern day love - with fuzz, buzz and shouts.

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Atomic Tide

by Atomic Tide

Hey there, our band is an uncategorisable blend of well-learned influences - surf, punk, psychedelia, new wave pop, ranging from textures that are sparse and subtle, dense and driving. Our eponymous track is a culmination of those influences.

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Hey folks! I'm a girl musician who writes songs and sings them. I have recorded an 11 track album called ‘Something Blue’, which I worked on with Mike, lead guitarist of indie rock band City Reign, which crosses genres and does not fit neatly into a musical box.

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