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by Black Nines

Hi all! This is Mike from Black Nines, asking you to put your face in the sonic vacuum that is 'piss-take'. Enjoy!

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Fans can expect a song that delves into IOTA’s signature sound and is sure to resonate with both existing fans and new listeners. Throughout their existence, IOTA has garnered a loyal following, which solidifies their place in the alternative rock scene.

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Jack (Let Go of the Door)

by Marvin's Revenge

Hey, We are Marvin's Revenge, a trio from Nottingham made up of Luke Eaton (Bass/Vocals), Oliver Sammels-Moore (Guitar) and Job Gregory (Drums). This track is a personal favourite of ours to play live and is a part of our upcoming EP, 'VR Porn' which will be out on November 6th.

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Just For A Minute

by Lion Trail

This track is mixing heavy guitars with quieter parts yet always having an energetic rhythm section behind it. As the song progresses bells and synth paint hopeful colors above the distortion and vocals. It's about getting away from the agendas that are being added to everything now days.

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Haunt Me!

by Witch Hook

We are Witch Hook, a gothic punk duo dwelling in Bristol performing, writing and making music in the underground scene of the city - this song is our third track, 'Haunt Me!' and we have been working on it for a long time, its dark, seductive and violent and we hope you enjoy it!

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Stay High

by Radio Compass

We are a loud band with some riot grrrl yip and yelp that's equal parts bashing grunge and lockstep post-punk. This track is one of the most pop punk tunes off our genre bendy new album, Aloha! Enjoy!

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There Is No Place

by Canal Capitale

A hybrid strain of post-hardcore and indie with a range of flavours including, but not limited to, noise, math and pop. Users report strong sensations of indifference, confusion and Rock, in equal measure.

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by Trader

This is Trader! A loud and close-knit four-piece from Denmark ready to hit 2022 with the sound of aggressive distortion and pushing drums recorded at the remote but legendary Silence Studio in Sweden. Brand new single, 'Medieval', is out now and you should go give it a spin...

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by Eades

Harnessing a pluralistic punch of new wave, art-punk, noise-rock, garage rock and 90s alternative, rarely does a band approach such a wide array of styles with equal proficiency. Subsequently self-produced, and recorded live a la inspirations Parquet Courts, Pixies and The Strokes’ early work.

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Ever Changing

by Eades

"I was finding myself in a lot of situations with self-involved characters that I had no interest in, purely because they’re an easy distraction from everything I didn’t want to think about. I kept jumping from toxic relationships to chaotic friendships without thinking I could take a step back"

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by Movment

We produce raw, intense, engaging, and real alternative rock music with guitars, electronics, bass, drums and experiments with sound. We use technology & instruments to produce their sound, and make observations on life and living.

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House Pet

by UgLi

UgLi takes elements of alternative, grunge, and punk and combines them in a refreshing mix for their upcoming debut album. "House Pet" is the second single from the album, FUCK, that is out now!

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Sea Sea Sea

by Pretty Happy

Hey folks, we're Pretty Happy and we're an art-punk band from Cork, Ireland. 'Sea Sea Sea' is our second release this year and will be included on our upcoming EP out this summer. You can find it and 'Salami' on our Spotify and Bandcamp pages.

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Modern Waste

by Mutes

'Modern Waste' is a blistering distillation of all that has defined Mutes' explorative take on post-punk until now. Wiry, tense verses give way to muted chamber pop and eventually blossom into a full-on, fuzzed-out, fist-pumping euphoria.

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Kisses On My Cards

by Cherym

It’s an anthem for all hot stubborn gays of the world feeling the emotional pressures of admitting to an attraction without the whole ‘my mate wants to know will you kiss her?’ routine.

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Getting Fined

by Litterbug

This track is from our latest album Abstract Melodies Saying Terrible Things. It is meant to be a light hearted , but serious, look at the many ways the establishment looks to take money from us . Just another form of tax.

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It's Simple


Brighton based trio KUSK drip with furious grit and compassion that binds urban influences with hard garage punk sensibility. ‘It’s Simple‘ is a raging call to arms for the disenfranchised to take control of the destructive spiral of mainstream rejection. Out on all platforms on 5th September 2020.

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by Mark Hex

This is a tale about fascists coming to town and being sent home with their tail between their legs.

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WE Went to the Zoo

by Jovi Skyler

Greetings and salutations! Punk, alternative rock with an early '90s spirit and a hint of psychedelia. "We Went to the Zoo" is a new single off my debut EP. The track is about unrequited love, and it’s conflicted. It’s about caring and not caring, and then just being engulfed by those feelings.

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The Fighter

by Rich Girls

A new single, an anthem of low-key defiance. “Fuck bigots, it’s all I thought about this year. If it’s about anything, it’s about that.” All proceeds from Bandcamp digital purchases of the single will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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