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Mohawk Dog

by The Bonstones

Veterans of the SF Bay Area music scene formed The Bonstones amid a shared love for pop punk ala Ramones and The Mr. T Experience. “Mohawk Dog” represents the bands official ‘mascot’. Robby co-wrote the song with Marky to represent our canine friends.

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I Almost Saw The Ramones

by The Bonstones

Pop-punk band from the East Bay. The band makes melodic, catchy and energetic noise, equally inspired by classic punk bands like the Ramones, Pretenders, Screaching Weasel, The Prozacs and the Evil O’Brians. Their debut album East Bay Elegy is now available on all the streaming platforms.

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Ride It Out

by Small Town Saviours

We are SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS, and we release our intoxicating self-titled debut album, on Friday 27th January 2023. There is a brand-new video on the way for our next single, E.N.E.M.Y. In the meantime, check out our last video, Ride It Out.

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Hate Will Own You


A pre-covid, covid-friendly concept with some impressive results. Like the entire album, this track is comprised of contributions mailed to and then arranged by producer, Jason Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb)

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Don't Wanna Die Next to You

by McBain

McBain is a Punk Rock power trio based in Milano, Italy. Don't wanna Die next to you is a song about how the media mythologized criminals and turned the worst tragedies into entertainment

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Go Santa Go

by Robbie Morön

Hey! I'm Robbie Morön and I made a punk rock Christmas record for my friends to thrash around to! Go Santa Go is one of my favourites because who doesn't wanna cheer on that big guy as he makes his trek around the world?

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Getting Fined

by Litterbug

This track is from our latest album Abstract Melodies Saying Terrible Things. It is meant to be a light hearted , but serious, look at the many ways the establishment looks to take money from us . Just another form of tax.

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Monster Movie

by The Tomb Tones

Straight outta their graves in Atlanta, GA, THE TOMB TONES will trick or treat your ears to a witch’s brew of hokey horror references, infectious hooks, and spooky storytelling that’s oozing with novelty Halloween punk rock sweetness

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by Advocaat

Hello! We are Advocaat, a punk rock 2 piece. This song, "Badly," from our new EP, YIKES!, is an honest rock and roll love song, filled with self doubt. This song is 'Buddy Holly meets The Ramones.' Enjoy!

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by Bud

Bud likes to keep things simple. Three members, just two brothers and a Joel - Calgary punk rock.

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Hello this song, H(A)PPY, is the first single off of our debut EP GROOV(E). SHIIVA is an energetic, catchy punk rock band from Lancaster, California featuring current and ex members of: The Downsides, Life for a Life and Captain Smooth Talk.

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To Live or Live Not

by Duncan Reid and the Big Heads

Hi. This is the first video track from our new, 4th album, 'Don't Blame Yourself'. It's the story of a man who decides enough is enough, rents his house out on Airbnb, catches a plane to Caracas and looks for a girl with whom to dance all night and sleep all day. After all, why go somewhere safe?

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Big Shovel

by Mouth Feel

Hey! We're Mouth Feel from Winnipeg, MB and we just released our debut album. We've been a band for a couple years now. Feel free to download the album as many times as you want! We're super proud of it

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Runnin' Out Of Time

by Thee Cha Cha Chas

We are Thee Cha Cha Chas. We are a 2 piece band from Australia, we are coming over to Europe soon. Hope we can party with you!

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Selfie Fucks

by The Blowies

We would like to share with you the debut single from Austin pop/punk rockers 'The Blowies'. The single 'Selfie Fucks' (and the clean version entitled 'Selfie Love') is taken from the bands forthcoming EP.

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Car Bomb Attack

by The Car Bomb Parade

The Car Bomb Parade is a NYC/NJ hardcore/punk/thrash band formed on the cusp of 2014. Re-spawned in 2016 with a new lineup, new material, and a better-than-ever intensity, The Car Bomb boys/lady are hell bent on making their mark in the NYHC/punk rock community.

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Gumiho 구미호

We are Gumiho 구미호 based out of Seoul, Korea. We are three foreigners and a local Korean as our lead singer. The name Gumiho comes from an old Korean legend about fox spirits called gumihos that would pose as beautiful women, seduce men, and then eat their livers.

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The Blankz

Phoenix’s weirdo pop loyalists (Slope Records) put the punk rock into de-evolutionary overdrive, turn it up to ten, then slap it (and its mammy) right into hyperspace. The Blankz celebrate the disruptive attitudes and no-holds-barred fun of early punk and new wave with a modern point of view.

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The Cavemen

London-via-New Zealand punks The Cavemen released their third LP, 'Nuke Earth,' on April 6th via Slovenly Recordings. A mix of rowdy punk and raw, scuzzy garage rock, it features frantic vocals, screeching guitars, and infectious riffs.

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Mini Meltdowns

This is our first recorded song, and it's melodic, catchy, bratty, and a bit aggressive. Jon Phillip on vocals/guitar/drums (Limbeck, Ben Weasel, Tommy Stinson) with Scott Schoenbeck on bass (Dashboard Confessional, Promise Ring).

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