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Sometimes Things Change

by Swimming

Here's the single upcoming debut LP, “That’s OK” (Oct 8th) in partnership with Chillwavve Records and Here Goes Nothing Records. We’ve had the pleasure of working with mixing engineer Dylan Hanwright & mastering engineer Jack Shirley (Jeff Rosenstock, Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, Punch)

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Kisses On My Cards

by Cherym

It’s an anthem for all hot stubborn gays of the world feeling the emotional pressures of admitting to an attraction without the whole ‘my mate wants to know will you kiss her?’ routine.

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by New Design

Hi we're New Design, this is our latest single "January", track one of a three-song B-Sides compilation following up our last EP "Where I Need To Be". If you like heartfelt sing-along gang vocals, dynamic instrumental shifts, spacey guitar effects and synth melodies, then give this tune a listen!

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I Want to Smoke Weed in a Tunnel With You

by Aleph Eris

We recorded this video while quarantined in Chicago. Recorded the album during a very cold winter in southwest Michigan. If album one was DMT and other dimensions, this one is weed and dealing with waking reality.

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by All Smiles In Wonderland

Hey everyone, we are All Smiles In Wonderland, a twinkle/emo rock band from Bath, UK. This track has been in the works for a couple of years now and it's great to finally release it, expect delicate atmospheric guitars, vulnerable lyrics before exploding into high energy punk. We hope you like it.

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Hi, we are PLÅSTIC. Our new single Bled draws on our shameless teenage love of 2000's indie and pop-punk, our adolescent love of 90's Britpop and grunge, and our adult love of 80's new wave and alternative.

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Life Aquatic

by Peaks

Peaks is an acoustically driven emo folk project by Cheshire based singer/songwriter Ben Forrester.

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by Plymouth Breeze

What's up everyone! This is Plymouth Breeze from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This track was inspired by a '97 Plymouth Breeze that bit the dust and is indefinitely in park. Using odd time signatures and harmony with a pop/punk sensibility, 'Plymouth' aims to capture the emotions of the human experience.

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Tuesday X

Hey guys! This is a track from our Upcoming Album "Pop" available Feb 12 2019! Find "Pop Music" Now on Spotify, ITunes, and more!

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Sit Calm

Hey y’all we’re Sit Calm. We started in 2014 as a 3 piece band and since then have added 2 members and released 2 EP’s and an LP. Our newest EP “Percia” dropped in October last year and it’s by far our best work yet. Hope you enjoy!

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Outdoor Scene

Hi there my name's Monty and my project's called Outdoor Scene, born and raised in the leafy hills of Sheffield. I create layers of sound with my guitar, voice, looper and sample pad, pouring in emotions of the city and landscape.

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The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club is a band born out of a desire for creative freedom. We sing songs about mental health, coping, and trying to help others find a light in the dark.

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Wojtek The Bear

We're wojtek the bear, a four piece laid back indie pop band from Glasgow. This track 'oil & water' is the second single to be lifted from our debut album 'a talent for being unreasonable'.

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Hey, We are Heep from Leeds, UK. The band consists of members, Gabe Dawson (vocals/guitar, formerly the guitarist of Beesley), Robin Haigh (Bass) and Phil Griffiths (Drums). This is the first track off our two-track demo. If you like then head over to the bandcamp to hear the rest

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Howdy y'all, we're Drunk (the Band) from Dallas, TX. We self-released our debut DIY record "Olivine", which is now available on all major streaming platforms. Olivine serves as a musical narrative for us, depicting a 5 year emotional journey throughout which the songs were written.

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Elm Tree Circle

Elm Tree Circle is a four-piece Emo Pop-Punk band from Germany. After a successful 2017 including tours through Australia, Japan, Europe and the UK we're now looking forward to our most significant year so far. Here is the first single taken from this new album to come

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