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by Nvmeral

Hey Punktastic readers. We're Nvmeral from Oxford in the UK and this is our debut single, Parry! We've all grown up on bands who build up a progressive atmosphere with melodic and heavy sounds, and this track draws heavily on those post-hardcore influences. We hope you enjoy it!

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a room filled with bees

by peregrine

This is the last single off our upcoming LP, "the awful things we've done". We are a music collective from Worcester, MA, and have spent the last two and a half years refining these songs. We hope you like them.

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Trees From Seeds

by Serpent Tax

Hey, I thought you might be interested in my band, Serpent Tax's latest release. We sit somewhere between prog punk and metal. Cheers!

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Born of a mutual love for Trailer Park Boys and The Matrix, our music is a dirty stew of whacked out prog and punk-inspired minimalism. Our latest, Zephyranthes III, dips into the dimebag to find a handful of radioactive sonic nuggets.

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Sit Calm

Hey y’all we’re Sit Calm. We started in 2014 as a 3 piece band and since then have added 2 members and released 2 EP’s and an LP. Our newest EP “Percia” dropped in October last year and it’s by far our best work yet. Hope you enjoy!

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Siblings Of Us

Brit trio SIBLINGS OF US make a potent statement with their brand new track, A Gang Called Wonder. The cut is taken from the band’s genre bending new EP, Gargantua, which hits all outlets on 2nd November, via RetroSynth Records.

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