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Give Up The Hoax


We are a band based in Newport, Wales. Formed in early 2018. We started writing songs together before self-releasing our debut EP in 2019 (this sold out in tape format). Since then, we have released a string of singles and have completed two UK tours (w/ Holding Absence & Tiger Army).

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Come Upstairs

by In Earnest

What's up Punktastic! ‘CU’ is about mental health: “My partner’s mental health struggles mean I spend every moment keeping a brave/positive face. We’re learning how to combat negative thinking, I’m usually the one who has to pull her out of waves of depression.”

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Shimmer Shade

by Royal Wedding

Hey guys! We are Royal Wedding. If you are looking for some energetic, unexpected tunes, check us out. We range from being emo and sad all the way to making bluesy-tunes about body parts. Our listeners never know what they are going to get from our new music!

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Life Aquatic

by Peaks

Peaks is an acoustically driven emo folk project by Cheshire based singer/songwriter Ben Forrester.

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Fairies! No Mercenaries

I'm an unconventional artist singing about their own troubles in this world with a lot of synths. Picture a soundtrack from your favorite creepy pasta or romantic horror story and that's me. For fans of the macabre and artist who perform catharsis to survive.

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Lost In The Sauce

I am a disabled musician who has been releasing content centered around chronic pain, mental illness, drugs, and suicide.

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