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Say So, Stay Sore

by Stick Figure Funeral

Hey, I'm Edward from Stick Figure Funeral. I'm actually the only person from Stick Figure Funeral, it's just my solo project. I recorded this track in my bedroom with my acoustic guitar and cello. I wrote it like three years ago but decided it was worth making a proper recording of. Enjoy!

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Alphabet Soup

by The Losing Score

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We are The Losing Score and we write optimistic sounding music for pessimistic people who are Still Waiting For Things To Get Better (EP plug, check). For fans of fun, crunchy music that would probably be on a Tony Hawk game if we had it our way.

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Hello, we're Darkhearts! We're an emerging band from South Florida with a unique alternative rock sound coming from a love of all things heavy, noisy and emo

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Dream Haze

Hey Punktastic, we're Dream Haze from El Centro, CA. We released a double-single "Menthol/Gloss" last year, for fans of the emo/indie side of punk. It was produced by Beau Burchell (Saosin). We hope you enjoy it!

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Hey, We are Heep from Leeds, UK. The band consists of members, Gabe Dawson (vocals/guitar, formerly the guitarist of Beesley), Robin Haigh (Bass) and Phil Griffiths (Drums). This is the first track off our two-track demo. If you like then head over to the bandcamp to hear the rest

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Look North

We're Look North, based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We're a pop punk/emo band releasing our first EP, Countless Days/Restless Nights. These are some of the first songs we wrote as a band and are going a heavier direction while still maintaining the core of what we're about: happy riffs and sad lyrics

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Pinned in Place

Hey, Punktastic! We're a DIY band from Southern California. We have just premiered our new full length, "Rubbernecking at the Gates of Hell." I'm really proud of it. We wrote it quickly and tracked it live to create a sense of urgency.

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Happy. are more than just a pop punk band. Formed in 2016, Happy. released a successful EP entitled 'The Endless Bummer' before signing with Rude Records.Today they are thrilled to announce “Don’t Overdose and Drive”, an infectious track recorded.

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