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Nelson Muntz had an Absent Father Too

by Pillow Fort

Heya! I'm Ryan of Pillow Fort, a band straight out of the UK DIY emo scene. After becoming a 3 piece in 2021, we were finally able to record music together in May this year, and this is the result! The song is about the realisation that blood relation doesn't entitle someone to be in your life.

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Lil Peach

by Villain of the War

Hi, we're Villain of the War from Boston, MA! We've been playing on the MA DIY circuit for a couple years now and just released an EP titled "Damn, That's Crazy", and it features some of the songs that have become staples of our set. This is a song called "Lil Peach", and we hope you enjoy it!

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8 A.M. Classes Suck

by Ackerman

Hey all! Solo emo-punk project from Long Island, NY with a track from my debut full-length record! This is a fun one about meeting a rebound hook-up on a bus ride to class in college, and the meaningless, hopeless-romantic antics of college life. Hope you enjoy! Really proud of this one.

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Hi, we’re ThreadBear - an unsigned three piece emo band from the north east of the UK. We recorded our first self-funded album with Leeds based producer Bob Cooper over a week in August 2018. We’re very happy to finally be releasing our first single from the record, Yupppp.

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