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We See You (feat. Matt McGachy of Cryptopsy)

by Breaths

"We See You" is particularly notable for featuring guest vocals from Matt McGachy, frontman of the renowned death metal band Cryptopsy. The track is from Breaths' new album 'Floruit', slated for release on July 21 on Trepanation Recordings.

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Holding Hands

by Self Neglect

Self Neglect creates a powerful space to explore themes of trauma, guilt, loss, identity, and meaning. Our music is a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact. Since our formation on New Year's Eve in 2015, We are dedicated to touching the hearts and minds people.

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by Sobriquet

"Divine tells a story of metamorphosis. It begins with the protagonist’s discovery of self, then follows a downward spiral of doubt and frustration. Emerging out of this despair the protagonist breaks out with a newfound self-love, before finally culminating in ultimate enlightenment & ego death.

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by Copse

Hi we're Copse, a new 5 piece Post-Black Metal band from Bristol/South West. We've all been around the block for a while in other bands of varying success and this is our new project that we're all immensely proud of! Our debut EP "Mara | Mondrem" is out now!

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The Letting Go

by Agvirre

Agvirre are a blackened post-rock collective based in Manchester, UK. Our sound combines rock instrumentation with strings, synths, spoken word samples and electronics. We embody the sound of anxiety through intense performances that observe the struggles of living with mental illness.

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To Our Dead Friends

by Respire

Respire's new single taken from their forthcoming album 'Black Line', out 4th December.

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We are a band called COME We are a 2 piece Post Punk/Hardcore outfit from London. Born from the energy of being stuck inside for 8 months and producing music made for the soul intention of Popping off at a show. we have a new track out called CONSTANT STROBE, Dark,Heavy and shouty.

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by Honeyspider

Honeyspider's new single, “Marbles”. The foursome breath new life into their pseudo-shoegaze sound with strokes of post rock, hinting towards metal influences. Marbles skirts the boundaries between the emo sound of previous single, “World’s Smallest Violin” and a darker, more expansive sound.

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Hello, we're Darkhearts! We're an emerging band from South Florida with a unique alternative rock sound coming from a love of all things heavy, noisy and emo

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