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Tokyo Rose

by Everyday Dogs

We're Everyday Dogs: the skateboarding, Capri-Sun drinking, surfer-punk rockers of Athens, GA. Honestly, we wanted to make something that we thought was missing from music today: real people playing songs together that make you want to drive fast with the windows down.

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by Cause of Accident

Let's be honest, we've all been here - dating someone who we realise all too late might very well be an unstable lunatic. This chunky alt-rock slammer is the first single from our upcoming album 'Kill It With Fire', out May 5th!

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how i learned to keep being afraid and love the inside

by Open Palms

Hello! We are Open Palms and we are four friends who share a passion for guitar-driven music. We take inspiration from groups like Title Fight, Joyce Manor, Boxcar Racer, and Alkaline Trio, and our new e.p 'I hope you find your tree' is out now! We really hope you enjoy what you hear!

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No Spoilers, But Everyone Dies At The End

by Lucias Malcolm

Hey! I'm a punk/ska multi-instrumentalist from Kent. Like all musicians in the pandemic, I was cut off from touring. So I set up a home studio and wrote a new batch of songs. This track (and the album that is coming March 10th) represents the culmination of 3 years of DIY work. Enjoy!

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When you went away

by The Transits

Hey guys, We're The Transits and this is our debut single and music video for 'When you went away'. It's a story about love and death. Just not in that order. Hope you enjoy it!

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3 Weeks 3 Months

by FridayNightLights

We are UK tunesmiths FRIDAYNIGHTLIGHTS and we release our new single, Bridge To Engine Room, on Friday 14th October. The track is taken from our new EP, IV, which was recorded with Bob Cooper (WSTR, Ginger Wildheart), and is set to drop in 2023. For now, please check out our track, 3 Weeks 3 Months.

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Bad News

by No Sunlight

Hello everyone! We're No Sunlight from the best city in the world, Manchester, UK! This is our single 'Bad News', a bouncy, catchy song about the last cling-on part of a relationship! We hope you like it!

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by Avaraj

My name is Avaraj. I'm from Atlanta, GA. I started writing to help process my emotions, and eventually turned many of those writings into songs. I want my music to help people who are going through similar situations. This song is about a first love that turns into a first heartbreak.

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Nothing To Celebrate

by Wood and Nails

The political and upper class are liars. That's it. This song was written in 2020/2021 when every time we opened social media or turned on the news there was another lie, another hypocrisy from the ruling class all the while making themselves richer and more powerful off the back of our suffering.

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Imperfect Life

by Dangerous Fashion

Hey y'all, we are Seattle based pop punk duo. We like to write energetic pop punk songs. "Imperfect Life," is a positive coming of age song. Its realizing you didn't have the best childhood but you've grown up and are thriving in life now.

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I Gotta Be Kidding Me

by Long Past Overdue

Lost somewhere between the labels of emo, pop-punk, alternative rock, and shoegaze, LONG PAST OVERDUE is a 90s-inspired melodic and emotional band from Curitiba, Brazil. It started as a solo project in 2018 and remotely became a band during the covid lockdown.

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by Hazelord

Hello there! What you got here is the main single of my second self-produced and self-released studio album. It’s probably one of the punkest songs I’ve ever put out, also one of the funnest I assume. Check it out!

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Why Worry?

by Young Pretorians

An ode to staying mindful and focusing on the present amidst the noise and anxiety of the last two years. We had a lot of fun with this one!

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by The Hot Takes

The Hot Takes are three-piece prog punk rock band from London, United Kingdom. Featuring three antipodean ex-pats, the band pride themselves on a kinetic live show, with huge catchy hooks, thunderous riffs and a party vibe.

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Y Pwysau Mawr

by Breichiau Hir

Hello, we're Breichiau Hir. We've just released our debut album, Hir Oes I'r Cof. It's a 10-track album in Welsh, with a running theme of nostalgia, and this song seemed to encapsulate the atmosphere of the entire album nicely. Sonically and lyrically!

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by Still Talk

Hey, we're Still Talk and this is the second single from our upcoming EP. We recorded the track in our own Studio and released it on our friend Dave's label hithome. We would love if you checked it out.

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Live And Let Go


Based in Manila, JUST LIKE US. is an independent pop-punk band powered by anthemic choruses, melodic guitar riffs, and self-reflective lyrics. Genuine, relatable and honest their latest single, 'Live And Let Go' is a somber anthem for those experiencing burnout from their home, relationships—life.

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Fall Asleep

by Smile Wide

Hello, we're Smile Wide from the town of Medway in Kent. Fall Asleep is our debut track about general relationships and life stuff. We've been a band for a couple of years writing our debut EP. The catchy song takes influences from bands from the late 90's and early 2000's pop punk

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Men Without Chests (Acoustic)

by Align in Time

This is a new acoustic reimagining of one of my songs, combining post-rock storytelling with a folk vibe. It's bright and warm and I think perfectly suited for the onset of summer.

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Sympathy (& Validation)

by Latewaves

Sympathy and Validation is essentially a voicemail you leave your friend when you’re having a panic attack. Your brain is racing a mile a minute and you’re convinced that if you could just connect with someone and have them validate your feelings you could maybe find some semblance of peace.

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