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Poisoned Lungs

by One Million Motors

‘Poisoned Lungs’ was written and recorded throughout 2020; matching the frustration caused by the chaotic stop and start nature of each social restriction. There’s a rage behind this single. A harder take on our previous sound; we're playing faster and we're singing about things that matter.

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by Angry Son

Emerging out of Northern Virginia we are Angry Son! We skillfully blend the genres of emo, alternative rock, and pop punk into a familiar yet refreshing take. Our first single Home dissects the balance of figuring out who you are, and who you once were.

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Regular Blokes

by American Thrills

We are bunch of old dudes who have been in touring bands for the last 15-20 years. Recently came together to write some new music. This track is about aging punks and the transition from the rock n roll lifestyle to something more normal. This is our debut track.

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Three Stage T-Shirt Tan

by Young Pretorians

We're Young Pretorians from Portsmouth, UK. Check out our second single ‘Three Stage T-Shirt Tan’, recorded with Ben Whyntie at Old Blacksmiths Studio. The song is about the second guessing, the anxiety and the doubt that define dating in your mid to late twenties. Melancholy words over music in the major key. Full debut EP coming soon.

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Well Enough Alone


It’s a song about unrequited love, pure and simple. Boy meets girl at a party, girl finds another guy, boy gets his heart broken and goes home. It’s fun, it’s sad, it’s verging on whiny... hope you like it!

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Love Song in 2020

by James Barrett

Hi! I'm James! When the planet shutdown in March I wrote a song about finding forgiveness at what felt like the end of the world. Dealing with a relationship that ended catastrophically and a global pandemic at the same time was a lot to process. I wrote Love Song in 2020 for everyone in that boat.

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Among Thieves

by Jared Grabb Among Thieves

Hello. Tom Satterfield and I had a punk band called Scouts Honor on No Idea Records in the mid-2000s. In recent years, we have been performing under the name of Jared Grabb Among Thieves with Chris Anderson and Brett Conlin. "Among Thieves" is about political corruption in the Midwestern U.S.

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Valentines Day

by The Sunset Radio

We are a fast-paced indie rock band from Yorkshire with yearning melodies and anthemic choruses all wrapped in punk sensibilities. Latest single Valentine’s Day is kicking us on into 2020 to not only perform our music in new cities and venues, but also to put on our own events

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Fool's Gold

by The Young Hearts

This is our brand new single from our debut album. This is a taste of things to come and we are excited for people to see what we've been up to.

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by One Million Motors

One Million Motors is deja vu, like stories from strangers where you already know the ending. lt's the coffee and cigarette musings of The Menzingers; the tongue twitching urgency of the Descendents; the stumbling everyman poetics of Dave Hause.

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A Drink For You


Fine Dining are a melodic hardcore punk band from the South Bay (Los Angeles), CA and just released their first EP Grass Fed Tunes. This band features Paul Miner (ex-bass player from Death By Stereo).

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Dread and Doubt

by Cavalier Attitude

Hi there! We are Cavalier Attitude. A punk band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have just released our debut single, Dread and Doubt and we would love for you to check it out.

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Hi, We are SaltWounds, a 4 piece melodic punk band hailing from the faithful city of Worcester in the UK. We are now gearing up to release our second EP later this year and we have two singles currently out in the run up to it. Give us a listen!

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The Petty Saints

Hey Guys, We're The Petty Saints fresh out of San Diego, CA with our first record. If you like Punk played with heart....and hate working the 9-5 grind...give us a listen! We hope you enjoy the record!!!

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Wood and Nails

Hey, we're Wood and Nails from Birmingham. We've spent the last couple years on the road with bands such as Gnarwolves, Hotelier & Beach Slang. We'll be ending 2018 with new single Lights Out and our biggest ever show opening up for Flogging Molly and The Bronx at the O2 Academy in Birmingham.

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Bobby Shoebotham

Hey guys, I'm Bobby. I've been writing music for about 10 years (I'm old) and have been recording it for about 2 as a side project from the mariachi party band I'm also in when I have the time. The situation is as dumb as it sounds. If you like punk songs with fairly depressing lyrics, I'm your man!

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Space Is Big

Space is Big are bastard sons of rock serving up cosmic-sized slices of heavy guitars, ripping melodies and lyrics infused with the uncomplimentary flavours of optimism and dissatisfaction.

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Bitters and Distractions

Hey, everyone, we are Bitters and Distractions! We are two dudes from Long Island, New York who, when we're each not home with our wife and kids, spend time recording and playing punk rock tunes we wrote! We'd love for you to check us out, and for you to let us know what you think!

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The New Heat

Hello ladies and gentlemen. We're The New Heat, and this is a song off our EP 'We Said Our Prayers', which is out now on all them digital streaming services you crazy kids are on these days. Hope you like it. see ya!

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Crushed Veneer

We're a band from London, heavily influenced by The Gaslight Anthem and Beach Slang. We've been playing in and around London for the last 6 months and just released our debut EP 'Desire and the Need to Live'.

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