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Portami dove si cresce

by essere

"essere" is an artist from Palermo, Italy, who began his musical journey in 2023, emerging from a group of friends “without a future.” His music is a fusion of influences and experiences, a union of past and present, which is reflected in his songs.

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Bad Tatoo

by oh, rain

Hey folks. This is the second song from our upcoming EP titled Awful Things. It's a really good indicator of what the rest of that EP will sound like. We replaced our guitar player in early 2022 and this was the first song we wrote with him, so it's got a bit more of an 80s guitar vibe to it!

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Fake Nice

by oh, rain

We're oh, rain and we're from Glasgow. We've just released our new single Fake Nice, which comes from our upcoming EP Awful Things. For fans of The Menzingers and Hot Water Music, this song is a really great encapsulation of what we do best - heart on sleeve punk rock with hooks for days.

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Eye for an Eye

by Hunch Power

We're stoked to present our third single 'Eye for an Eye'. It's an anti-war anthem about the consequences of revenge and retaliation which ties in with the anniversary of the invasion in Ukraine.

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Kill Me First

by The Jack Knives

The Jack Knives are a 4 piece, British fronted melodic punk band from Anaheim CA. The new single is called "Kill Me First" and is a catchy, upbeat song about optimism amongst insecure romance.

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by Forgotten Sons

We are FORGOTTEN SONS and we are back with the release of our new self-titled EP, out Friday 18th November. The EP is preceded by a cracking new single and video, Flipside, out now -

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I Call Him Gamblore


The new track from Leeds indie punks 'I Call Him Gamblore' is about struggling to adjust after education to the crushing realisation of the bleak job market, and the compromise so many people have to make, not because they want to, but because they're left no choice.

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Nothing To Celebrate

by Wood and Nails

The political and upper class are liars. That's it. This song was written in 2020/2021 when every time we opened social media or turned on the news there was another lie, another hypocrisy from the ruling class all the while making themselves richer and more powerful off the back of our suffering.

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Poisoned Lungs

by One Million Motors

‘Poisoned Lungs’ was written and recorded throughout 2020; matching the frustration caused by the chaotic stop and start nature of each social restriction. There’s a rage behind this single. A harder take on our previous sound; we're playing faster and we're singing about things that matter.

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by Angry Son

Emerging out of Northern Virginia we are Angry Son! We skillfully blend the genres of emo, alternative rock, and pop punk into a familiar yet refreshing take. Our first single Home dissects the balance of figuring out who you are, and who you once were.

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Regular Blokes

by American Thrills

We are bunch of old dudes who have been in touring bands for the last 15-20 years. Recently came together to write some new music. This track is about aging punks and the transition from the rock n roll lifestyle to something more normal. This is our debut track.

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Three Stage T-Shirt Tan

by Young Pretorians

We're Young Pretorians from Portsmouth, UK. Check out our second single ‘Three Stage T-Shirt Tan’, recorded with Ben Whyntie at Old Blacksmiths Studio. The song is about the second guessing, the anxiety and the doubt that define dating in your mid to late twenties. Melancholy words over music in the major key. Full debut EP coming soon.

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Well Enough Alone


It’s a song about unrequited love, pure and simple. Boy meets girl at a party, girl finds another guy, boy gets his heart broken and goes home. It’s fun, it’s sad, it’s verging on whiny... hope you like it!

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Love Song in 2020

by James Barrett

Hi! I'm James! When the planet shutdown in March I wrote a song about finding forgiveness at what felt like the end of the world. Dealing with a relationship that ended catastrophically and a global pandemic at the same time was a lot to process. I wrote Love Song in 2020 for everyone in that boat.

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Among Thieves

by Jared Grabb Among Thieves

Hello. Tom Satterfield and I had a punk band called Scouts Honor on No Idea Records in the mid-2000s. In recent years, we have been performing under the name of Jared Grabb Among Thieves with Chris Anderson and Brett Conlin. "Among Thieves" is about political corruption in the Midwestern U.S.

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Valentines Day

by The Sunset Radio

We are a fast-paced indie rock band from Yorkshire with yearning melodies and anthemic choruses all wrapped in punk sensibilities. Latest single Valentine’s Day is kicking us on into 2020 to not only perform our music in new cities and venues, but also to put on our own events

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Fool's Gold

by The Young Hearts

This is our brand new single from our debut album. This is a taste of things to come and we are excited for people to see what we've been up to.

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by One Million Motors

One Million Motors is deja vu, like stories from strangers where you already know the ending. lt's the coffee and cigarette musings of The Menzingers; the tongue twitching urgency of the Descendents; the stumbling everyman poetics of Dave Hause.

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A Drink For You


Fine Dining are a melodic hardcore punk band from the South Bay (Los Angeles), CA and just released their first EP Grass Fed Tunes. This band features Paul Miner (ex-bass player from Death By Stereo).

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Dread and Doubt

by Cavalier Attitude

Hi there! We are Cavalier Attitude. A punk band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have just released our debut single, Dread and Doubt and we would love for you to check it out.

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